Trading Post

Whether or not this is allowable by WordPress, this page is for people interested in trading phones, parts or components to the community. The idea is for people to Dial Zero (use the contact page) and leave their request and I’ll paste it on the main page. Or leave a comment, however if comments are left, I can’t guarantee protection for potential scams. I’ll only hold liability for people making offers by offline contacts.

Once a trade is completed, the listing will be deleted.

Last Updated: February 1, 2016

John would like to purchase a 1984 or 1985 Manhattan White Pages. He can also trade for a 1984 Manhattan Yellow Pages. If you do have such thing, please Dial Zero and I can connect you to him. (First version 02-01-16)



Anyone want this? A Cisco 7912 w/ SIP firmware? I can’t get this puppy to get SCCP running, I’d offer $40 including shipping. Best offers are welcome. This phone can’t use POE though.


make offers by dialing Zero on the link above