POTD: TRYP Hotel, Midtown Manhattan

In today’s installment of phones other than Cisco seen in The Big Apple, this was where I and my companion stayed during the week of the NY NAB Show. Known as TRYP (probably an acronym for “trip” though my mother called it T.R.Y.P. for a while) is a hipster themed hotel on West 35th between Seventh and Eighth. An independent franchise to Wyndham, this hotel is in one little building. I think it’s like a motel in a low rise building. There are fifteen stories and you can see the flagship New Yorker from the top.

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Video: The last of the Telephone Booths?

Note: My browser crashed when I was originally writing this over a week ago, and finally caught up with the draft post.

In case you missed it, CBS’ Sunday Morning a couple weeks ago did a profile on unusual subject of telephone booths. They have been on a decline since the 1990s with the rise of mobile technologies.

Mo Rocca appears to be in shock seeing such physical innovation from yesteryear.

In America, the heydays of the actual 3 or 4 stalled booth was from the 1950s to the late 1980s. As I have explained in the past, many (including New York City) was replaced with exterior types.

Did you know on the island of Manhattan, New York City, there’s only 4 remaining, on the West Side?

Some screengrabs from the package:

Mo Rocca mocks the kid using the telephone booth saying “Kids these days, they’re on the phone all day!”

Remember my trip to Manhattan about a year ago? Well I wonder if some of these booths were the ones that were removed.

What is getting replaced is something that may look like a modern day telephone booth, but it involves touch screens, an internet connection and the ability to charge your mobile phone if you need a charge, or conserve on the data use cap, etc. However, like a smartphone it’s mostly used to do everything but make a call.