The AUDIX board is now working!!!

If you can recall, I had a series of issues when I received this around late February. It turns out it needs a “null modem” cable because it’s basically a modem connection to in basic terms make the keyboard and monitor acting as a terminal session to work. I thought I had such cable, but apparently a null cable is thicker than a typical RS232 cable, which was what I only had until recently, I bought an ol US Robotics modem (that’s the supported modem for ether the PBX or AUDIX box) at a thrift store.

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Self Wearing a Retro Operator’s Headset


Like I stated in the other post on the Plantronics headset, I’m glad there is a Plantronics! In a recent visit to the NH Telephone Museum, I tested out this headset, and boy is it so bulky, and the feeling of the hard wire headband – yoiee!

But these were common in the early days of switchboard telephony services and up till the the early 80s when Plantronics would take over the headset market.

Nowendays these sets are replaced with moth-sized Bluetooth connected earpieces that make you want to think of Star Trek when you see them.

Warner NH Telephone Museum – PBX Switchboard








I went to the NH Telephone Museum about a week ago. Located minutes northwest of Concord, the capital city and about an hour and half from Boston, the capital of New England, this little place can get you lost in all its rich history. Originally an in house museum for local independent telephone company in Central NH, it became a public, non profit museum a decade ago.  I was there for almost 3 hours and they got tons of great artifacts, including tons of vintage telephones, switchboards, test equipment, modern telephones and publications from the industry in their little library. The place is open to the public on Tuesdays and Saturdays and will open 5 days a week once summer comes.


I’ve taken about a couple hundred pictures, but will feature just a handful. This one is a PBX switchboard from the Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch, NH which closed several years ago.  Recent developments in the news shows signs of life of that resort. New investment is being put to rehab the place, which is a four hour drive from Southern NH deep in the “Great North Woods”.


The owner of this museum acquired this switchboard when the owners auctioned off their property. From the appearance (since no display featuring the item) it looks like its mid 20th Century Western Electric switchboard. There are lights on this switchboard. This switchboard is pretty loaded, as it can handle about 18 concurrent calls at the same time.

This board doesn’t feature a dial, so this was probably used during the time before automated switching would become prelevent.

DSC_0658 DSC_0660 DSC_0666 DSC_0662

Deerfield (NH) Fair – Old Automatic Electric telephone

The Deerfield Fair is happening now through Sunday (this rainy weather may put a damper to it.) It is one of the largest fairs in my area during this time of the year.

There is an exhibit that is on the fairgrounds that is kinda like a wayback machine going back in the previous century in the farmlands.

This appears to be an Automated Electric telephone (the clones of the old WECo

And this one I believe would be ditto as well
That’s all I have for this set.