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Now I’ve regained consciousness  after a historic Super Bowl win of my lifetime favorite team, the New England Patriots, and witnessing a very exciting parade in person, now question is How will my Sundays be? NASCAR is down the road (no pun intended), but for those week (if you count that “duel” race) or two (when Daytona starts) – your’s truly feels there the digital-only Museum will close for a weekend for maintenance, site fixups, squashing bugs on dead links or images, continued merging of Topicals and Features, etc.

So with that said, expect outages on Saturday 11th and Sunday the 12th as I do the process. No theme changes, no major differences to the usability (Sorry mobile users, you’re missing out on an exciting site that requires the desktop experience – and that’s always been my target demo anyways.)



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

There has been some site updates. First the Telephony-thon, please click to read more. Second, I broke up the very long Glossary that could be the works of my own telecom dictionary! Third, I moved some pages into sub sites such as the Trading Post, to clean things up. There will be more window-dressing on what’s a Feature vs. vExhibit vs. Topicals.

Secondly there will be goals that should be achieved during my off hours. More history of the Bell System, history of central switching, and the telephones themselves. The site has admittedly been biased towards office equipment, which while that’s important, that was never the original intent.

Third is a new audience reach. While this site has been successful of fending off Brooklynites, who often look at pictures and can’t write well or have the guts to reply in a comment; driveby “likes” have appeared off and on; not as many as other sites I used to publish.

As a result, to go with the trend, I’ve created a Facebook page. Mostly the stuff I’ll post will have no intention for people landing here. I’ll do what the hipsters do, communicate in pictures and come and go. This is the real community and thanks to all of you, you’re the best and you know who you are so I don’t need to say much!

Pledge Drive!

Just like a PBS station, we are interrupting regularly scheduled postings for a pledge drive.

The Museum of Telephony over the last year has finally made its mark on the Web. I, the lone man bandmember has worked his butt off over the last couple of years to make this site be the one of the most authoritative portals on vintage and modern telephony from central offices to key switches; from ISDN telephones to Model 300s. Also profiling prominent voice over talent on voice mail systems, and publishing technical journal articles taken from the local state library where I suspect the Unix or Blue Boxes topic had more DNA from strangers.

In short, the underdog subject has won!

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Writing Style

The purpose of The Museum is to provide authoritative information and analyses of historic telephony. There is a strict standards of what goes on here and even in the comments. Not from a journalistic background per se, the best way to write is from the observer like from the outside looking in. This was the key to the success of this site.

Because of my perfection to be 99.999% accurate (almost being perfect) with the facts presented to you for the last four years. Some of this could be due to the lack of the technical community lacking the ability to write English other than machine code. They have no right to be taken seriously in their profession or on their own blogs.

Most IT types and young men in general lack in authoritative writing, often writing like peers (with the annoyances of parentheses in inappropriate spaces. Do not get me started with (a/k/a which is so not business appropriate writing,) Talking that that is  more for a pajama boy blogger if you asked me! I hope other technical bloggers or site writers take cues from this site and extend it to your platforms.

  • All my writings is written in at least 5 sentences or more per paragraph.
  • Pre posted copy, should be proofread prior to posting
  • All acronyms and abbreviations are written in all CAPS. Despite “over” in Voice over IP being lower case; the “not” in Do not Disturb is the same as well, but I rarely see the CraZi MySPacE party Girl-esque writing style when it comes to “DnD”. For christ sake’s alive, write all TLAs as if they are words and use ALL CAPS.
  • Avoiding just one subject. The long term goal was to go into wiring, carrier switching, the history of telephony in broadcast, etc. While most of this site was on PBX systems, this was not the original idea.
  • I avoid using speculation. Never assume if you are making a factual statement. It can be one of the other; not both.
  • Using my own words; and avoiding ripping and reading  words from a vendor or some other source.
  • Using a traditional workstation, and not a mobile device.  This site could not be what it is if I lived entirely on mobile; and that should be taken in any other profession involving technology. iPhones or Droids will never kill a solid big screen system with the need to do more things than simple posts.
  • Avoid sensationalism. Also avoid emotions. Companies don’t use phone system vendors for name brand, it’s all about costs. They don’t cry and send cards around the holidays to Avaya or Cisco, c’mon.
  • The only time I copy and paste from other sources if the source is rare or vintage.
  • A “screengrab” is a phrase used in the TV business to grab an image from a video source, obviously I do that in posts of Telleyphones on Telleyvision.

Thank You!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.57 PM ET

Lots of traffic on The Museum over the last 15 days. I want to say how this means to me that people are looking for telephony whether it’s current or historic on the Web.

I want to let you folks know that I’m going to be out of the office for the coming week (perhaps without Internet access.) But rest assured, I’ll be back sooner rather than later.

~Steven Clickford~

I’m Alive

I wanted to let my followers, readers and others know I am still alive but have been very busy while dealing with a chaotic situation in my life. I realize comments on posts have not been replied to by me and I know some people have sent me emails, etc. I will at some point return your messages. A video memo will follow on Friday (if things goes as planned – which never does in my wacky life.)


Fourth Anniversary!

On June 5th, 2012, The Museum of Telephony launched. Monday marked the forth anniversary. While it took some time to get traction, and massive improvements over the last year, it wouldn’t be without some people who I have communicated over the last couple of years to make this one of my most positive accomplishments in my life related to the Web. I created a portal only because the Web was so polluted with vintage PCs or computers; that there was nothing to compete for old PBXes (PCM, digital or even the old electromechanical) or a site mixed with it’s own commentary or pictures.

Again thank you. Here’s to another year.