Community Guidelines

There are rules to commenting and reaching me on this site.

  1. Comments from users in countries that sponsor terrorism will not be allowed. Such countries like Cuba, Iran, Russia, China.
  2. “Likes” are not tolerated. Excessive likes will result into criminal prosecution as harassment.
  3. Comments must be filled with ether a full name, a first name, first initial. Anonymity is not allowed as that can lead to corruptive behaviors, a violation of Federal corruption rules .
  4. You can say anything but
    1. defaming people
    2. using unbusiness like language
    3. use of vulgarities
    4. expressing any illegal acts
    5. promoting yourself
  5. Again true feedback should be done in comments or use the Contact page.
  6. Rules are in place because an open network without policies can result into evil actions.

Any questions and concerns can be accessed at brianna-at-clickford-net or biz-at-clickford-net. The Curator owns said domain and pays a very expensive price for hosted email as well. (i.e. its not a goddamned phony domain!)

These rules are in accordance to real world laws as this site is based in the Town of Merrimack, Hillsborough County, NH in the USA.

Branding Guidelines

The Museum of Telephony has received a lot of traffic in the last two years. However to ensure that the site has a 99.999% accuracy on facts, you can as well with appropriate policies for external Uniform Resource Locator or  URL, such as hyperlinks, etc.

If you are going to cite the site as a source, please use The Museum of Telephony plus it’s current WordPress URL, original post date is optional.

If you are going to use this as a link on a blog, etc., shoot me an email. Also if you are going to include The Museum in a list of links, please do not refer this to a “weblog” or a “blog”. With hundreds of posts that act as mini pages, fifty static pages, and millions of words I suspect, I think this is well beyond a picture blog.

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I’m Back!

The Museum has been a little empty for the last couple of weeks and month. I had been away for a conference out west (that actually had a seminar focused on telephony albeit it was SIP/Asterisk evangelism.)

There has been a change of direction to pictures and other content. Phone of the Day or “Phones @ work” are now going to be a social media-only content. If you are not familiar, The Museum had soft-launch two social media portals, on Facebook and Instagram in late winter and is updated on a weekly basis.

As a result as the months go on, the focus will shift onto the very vintage plain ol telephones and continued updates to the articles and posts regards to the history of the telephone. I do not intended to be a top heavy, “blog” on just office telephones. When I have the time, I’ll be investing in more time to do so.

I’ve had a very hectic two years, and sadly it happened as my site was becoming popular. But now I can be able to breathe again, I can be able to come back to 2015 levels of terms of new stuff on a weekly basis.


Ask before Reuse

The Museum of Telephony receives a lot of referrals on a daily basis. The average hits is normally 100, often occurring two to three times a week. Just recently the site celebrated it’s 35,000th hit since the launch in 2012.

Given WordPress’ ability to see referrals (however unlike other sites, I can’t get location, specific URLs, etc) there has been questionable links.  Some sites I have asked to remove to protect the brand, and quality of this site (some have described this as a “weblog” for an example.)

No worse, is some websites that are trying to tinker with it’s URL and see what it looks like on mobile. Even better, there is a website that has been taking the content and using it for an alleged syndication.

I am going to be direct: The Museum’s layout will never change. It’s the makeup and identity of what makes this site special. If I go all minimal to please the engineers of the world to not look as sexy, then The Museum goes down.  Also in a mobile world, editing is more complex and often more typos occur.

I put a lot of hard work to be accessible to a wide audience. You can’t easily learn the history of the telephone on a small fat tablet.

I need to be honest here: About 99.9% percent of the content is my own work, therefore it’s been liberally copyrighted, but I need to put an end to people who are linking my site with a questionable quality standards; and worse these open source sites . MY CONTENT IS COPYRIGHTED. ANY USE FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S SHARING WILL BE PROHIBITED. IF I HAVE TO FILE A DMCA CLAIM, THEN I WILL SURE AS HELL DO!

Be warned, this site will be on higher and elevated surveillance monitoring the incoming traffic and  other unauthorized use of syndicated content

This site is getting better in terms of traffic, chatter, and other things. You want mobile? Well there’s an Instagram and a Facebook page. That’s all. You don’t need to rip my stuff and post it on an open source site and violate my work and treat it as public domain. And if you do not know English as a Primary Language, talk-to-me first! Click on the contact link.

In short, don’t steal my content without permission, second The Museum will never go to mobile primarily, there are other portals for that. If you call me old fashioned, then so be it! It’s the purpose of this site to begin with!

~The Content Management Team at The Museum of Telephony~


Site Notice: is no longer part of The Museum

I feel its in order to remind followers that if you had accessed The Museum via the clickford-dot-net domain URL from late 2015 to February 1st 2017, it is no longer directing you here. The personal domain is also used for other businesses and content, that has nothing to do with telephony directly. I also am a content producer, some content may not be suitable for the followers.

As a result, you’re welcome to visit my other site, just you get easily offended, then don’t. Second, anything related to the Museum you’d like to respond in comments, or email, please do it here. There is a Contact page (I guess people take things too literally and didn’t understand the concept of Dial Zero the old page name.)

Sometimes videos embedded here comes from The Clickford Zone (you’ll see a bug to the lower right of the clips) and The Museum has a Shared Services Agreement or SSA with The Clickford Zone which means I can promote The Museum on my other online portal.

However, I am posting this because there seems to be a reoccurring trend, I won’t disclose who, but this happened over several times in the last couple of months.

Please keep the love here, the more direct interactions, the more the community grows.


Site Update, part two

More improvements in the coming months (not weeks because I will be busy). You’ve noticed on the top line there is a new feature called The History. Well if you are going to be an online museum, it would be nice to have a short history, right?  Well I was 5 years off.  While that is still a work in progress, most of that content is in the process of writing, editing and posting. Adaptations in the form of infographics will appear as well.

One other little thing that’s been under the certain: TO THE FOLLOWERS whom I have mailing addresses: you folks will be getting some merch! I won’t go into too much detail, but pay attention to your mailbox in like a few weeks. In fact, you’ll be the first to see them. If I get positive feedback (which not to toot my horn, but I think you’ll like) I’ll start to sell merch related to the Museum. All profits from the merch sales go into self funding nature of The Museum.

Hope you are enjoying the upgrade of more stuff on The Museum! Thanks for all the feedback, here, on Facebook and Instagram pages too!

OT/PSA: Autism Awareness Month

The Museum of Telephony is taking a moment to remind everyone of Autism Awareness Month that goes for the entire month of April. The month should be for people who are not familiar to understand the seriousness of the conditions, the diverse dis/inabilities, the complexities; and that if you only met one person, you’ve only met one. The awareness shouldn’t just one color or a single puzzle piece. It’s been the symbol for many decades to show the true signs of the pervasive developmental disorder. In short, please celebrate with a positive light (not literally of course!)

Site Closure Notice: For Content Maintenance


Now I’ve regained consciousness  after a historic Super Bowl win of my lifetime favorite team, the New England Patriots, and witnessing a very exciting parade in person, now question is How will my Sundays be? NASCAR is down the road (no pun intended), but for those week (if you count that “duel” race) or two (when Daytona starts) – your’s truly feels there the digital-only Museum will close for a weekend for maintenance, site fixups, squashing bugs on dead links or images, continued merging of Topicals and Features, etc.

So with that said, expect outages on Saturday 11th and Sunday the 12th as I do the process. No theme changes, no major differences to the usability (Sorry mobile users, you’re missing out on an exciting site that requires the desktop experience – and that’s always been my target demo anyways.)



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

There has been some site updates. First the Telephony-thon, please click to read more. Second, I broke up the very long Glossary that could be the works of my own telecom dictionary! Third, I moved some pages into sub sites such as the Trading Post, to clean things up. There will be more window-dressing on what’s a Feature vs. vExhibit vs. Topicals.

Secondly there will be goals that should be achieved during my off hours. More history of the Bell System, history of central switching, and the telephones themselves. The site has admittedly been biased towards office equipment, which while that’s important, that was never the original intent.

Third is a new audience reach. While this site has been successful of fending off Brooklynites, who often look at pictures and can’t write well or have the guts to reply in a comment; driveby “likes” have appeared off and on; not as many as other sites I used to publish.

As a result, to go with the trend, I’ve created a Facebook page. Mostly the stuff I’ll post will have no intention for people landing here. I’ll do what the hipsters do, communicate in pictures and come and go. This is the real community and thanks to all of you, you’re the best and you know who you are so I don’t need to say much!