PSA: No to Net Neutrality

WordPress officials are pushing for a political message this week to urge their own users favoring Net Neutrality.

Quoting the header of their post:

Automattic [the parent company of WordPress] strongly believes in a free and open Internet and it’s hard to imagine a truly open Internet without Net Neutrality.

They answer to what how Net Neutrality is:

“Net Neutrality” is the simple but very powerful principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally. Whether you’re reading a blog post on, streaming Game of Thrones on HBO GO, or browsing handcrafted tea cozies on Etsy, your Internet service provider delivers the Internet to you at the same speed, without blocking, throttling, or charging extra tolls based on the content you’re viewing. You can learn more about Net Neutrality and why it’s important by visiting [Link is from their page is not considered to be an endorsement for referral traffic.]

Net Neutrality gives all online businesses, large and small, a chance to reach customers and succeed. It also protects important free speech rights online by prohibiting Internet providers from slowing or blocking sites or messages they don’t agree with.

Unfortunately engineers are anti social people who don’t understand real world things, like processes of getting this into law. If Net Neutrality was such an important thing, then Congress should’ve allowed this to go into law, and not into a FCC order. This is something you learn in fifth grade, but so many came from third world hell holes, that they never learned US governance.

Net Neturality will enable things to actually run slower than they whine about because it will take away the lack of what makes the Internet in the modern age post mainframes and micro computers function with several things, virtual networks and Quality of Servic.

These people know more about Swift and Python and not TCP IP stacks, Cisco’s IOS and worse lacking the concept of QoS . Along with the changes to IPV6 and everything else, no matter why the high school dropout founder of Tumblr couldn’t explain to CNBC a logical argument a couple years ago.

Net Neutrality was based on theoretical concerns, not actual concerns. Most consumers are fine with their internet connection. I’ve always felt that the content providers like Google and Facebook have been dictating how the Internet should work with bloated code and scripts causing pages to slow down.

Any ISP that was throttling “port” traffic, for specific applications such as Skype, gaming, etc has for the most part been resolved. A port in the cyber world is a identifiable switchable valve, if you think the Internet is some plumbing system in a metropolis.

However, I fear given in enterprise environments how IT managers have treated all packets as equal, users have drifted away from using the telephone and have used alternative methods to communicate because of the “jittery” call and video quality. This requires a special skillset that these Python, Swift and PHP coders have no flipping clue!

Most of these coders work in small environments using consumer grade routers and switches that could be the reason why their Internet isn’t working properly. Coders do not know TCP/IP, enterprise technology or anything else other than making programs and apps. They want the government to regulate something they don’t want to mess around with. They love the Net, but never appreciate the design it takes.

Also Business Class internet from the major ISPs already give customers unlimited access plus better SLAs with the vendor and all. All it takes is to be a confident customer, you ask and you shall receive. But consumers are vulnerable, and can’t speak for themselves so they want things handed to them.

I am for Web and Internet regulation, I do think if the Internet does become Title I, then let’s start issuing FCC licenses for content creators, and ISPs and others since other forms of media and communication becoming unlicensed. Radio and TV stations are fading away, more people are communicating on two way radios on FRS band, and the world is becoming a more scrambled environment. That to me is scary.

 There is also bunch of cyberbullies who go over the line to the point of obscenity. I am against Net Neutrality because packets have to be treated by an application basis if the world is moving to an “information service”-but-wanting-the-freedoms-of-regulated-services. It can’t be both. But if they want to take this seriously, let people who aren’t CEOs-in-name-only be the leaders. Let the experienced technical professionals lead it and go to Congress, not the FCC to get change. We don’t live in administrative-rule-making society. Things like the Carterfone was via a lawsuit. There has been no lawsuits to the FCC on the matter of said subject. And let’s start making the Internet less like the Wild West first by regulating other things before we get to micromanaging ISP’s QoS.



OT/PSA: Autism Awareness Month

The Museum of Telephony is taking a moment to remind everyone of Autism Awareness Month that goes for the entire month of April. The month should be for people who are not familiar to understand the seriousness of the conditions, the diverse dis/inabilities, the complexities; and that if you only met one person, you’ve only met one. The awareness shouldn’t just one color or a single puzzle piece. It’s been the symbol for many decades to show the true signs of the pervasive developmental disorder. In short, please celebrate with a positive light (not literally of course!)

PSA: Please Hug your Phones and Phone Systems



In my Instagram world, I found this sad picture from a mutual follower. The picture says a lot of words simply put.

Anyways optics is everything. For those nitwit IT admins (or subcon vendors) who think phones aren’t in their scope of services or support; users of any organization are not stupid. This type of visual is common in many VOIP deployments. Whether the telecom is in house or outsourced or IT runs it; a lot of times you see similar sets with a  system malnourished of current firmware updates, often abused, and of course left tangling.

Doesn’t this phone remind you of your VOIP deployment from yesterdecade? The same exact phone with the same exact cables, etc? When Bush was still president?

Hug your phones, kiss your softswitch. Give it some love.

Please, donate a dollar to your telecom budget. One dollar a day can fund basic necessities such as 20 handset cables that are in need. Your users will be so happy that they will be untangled.

Thank you.

(This was a Public Service Announcement from the retired and laid off Telephony Professionals of the World.)