The Very Lower Manhattan Verizon *Central Office* – Revisited

I don’t know how the hell this didn’t get past my super-strict editorial standards.

I never said I knew everything about telecom, telephony and UC.

Anyways, let’s revisit this concrete of thing…


Original page? I called this the “Corporate offices” – again what the hell was I thinking?

So I didn’t cross the Brooklyn Bridge till this past October, checked visiting the hipster boro for the first time on my bucket list. Visited the New York Transit Museum, and if you like city busses, commuter rails and trains, it’s recommended!

And with a quick research in the time, I assumed it was an office, because most central offices do not have windows. This one did, and does. However nearly year after I published this, because of hipsters and other art-tiests (like elitists) they don’t understand why central offices not needing windows. This powers most of Lower Manhattan, and since this posting, Verizon sold the building, to a real estate trust company, then bought back a few floors. A curtain wall was built in the upper levels.

Currently this REIT owns the building to lease out to data centers, since you know “the cloud” has similarities to the old telephone company.

I stand corrected. 

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