Rants: How to Spot and Run away from “Nerdtel Guys”

TRIGGER WARNING: Naughty words, and some mild rants. I cannot be held liable for your lack of reading the warnings ahead of time.

Excuse me while I have a mudslide or a white russian after what I have to run into online once and a while. The rest is Not Safe For Work Material better known by it’s global codeword as NSFW. Please read at your own discretion. If you are easily offended go read something else. Folks with a thick skin can be welcomed to read on…

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Rant: Prokop, Nerdtel User, part two

Nortel is really the phone guy’s equivalent to a computer nerd’s system. Very techie, very nerdy and very cocky, and cares less about average users. I don’t like being around with a Nortel Nerd, they are just plain old jerks.

Nortel 1110 Post, 2012

The evidence that proves this statement of over 3 years ago would be confirmed in yet another post I like to critique of Andrew Prokop, who works for Avaya and is helping dilute their brand name of being warm and non abrasive, to showoff, bragging and talking down to non technical people. This creates a stigma to the people who aren’t as nerdy and jerky like Prokop is.

Lets start in a recent post he did to No Jitter (it looked like it was a summer rerun, because some of the wording looked like another post he wrote.)

A lot has changed since I left college and entered the workforce. My first “real” job began July 5, 1983 at the company formerly known as Northern Telecom. My first desk telephone was an analog 2500 set. I did most of my work on a green CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) screen logged into a PDP-11 via a 9600 baud modem. There were no cell phones, e-readers, Google, or Microsoft Word. Heck, in 1983 there was barely a Microsoft.

Jeez, does this dude know English? You put the three letter acronym in the parentheses  (especially if its going to be referred as a herein type of statement.) If you follow the traditional English logic, he would keep referring the monitor as “Cathode Ray Tube” in every reference after!

Can this guy be more bragging of how he logged into a system everyday? A-hole!

My job used to be a place I went to. If my car broke down, I didn’t work. If the roads were too icy to drive on, I didn’t work. If I had to stay home waiting for a repair person, I didn’t work. I suppose I could have sat down with a pad of paper and wrote PLM code (my first professional programming language) by hand, but that wasn’t very practical.

These days, work is something I do and not a place I go. I work at home. I work from airports and hotel rooms. I’ve worked at my kid’s baseball games and swim meets. Today I am working from the cabin in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

Remember when we used to take sick days? Now, I just prop myself up in bed and call it my office. No matter where I am, I have immediate access to email, instant messages, video, and enterprise telephony. The presence jellybean on my Microsoft Skype for Business client might tell you that I am available, but it doesn’t let on that I am working in a coffee shop in downtown Minneapolis.


Just to make a Friday evening reading not as painful to read, I can’t help that an IT guy degrades the TLA even more by stooping to the CrazI MySpacE PartIGrl, of mixed caps

We are all aware of the Target security breach. Hackers snuck malware into Target’s Point of Sale (PoS) devices that allowed credit card numbers to be stolen at the time of a shopper’s purchase. The malware was successful because it was able to situate itself between the PoS application and the device’s encryption software. So, even though the data was secure on the Target network, there was a point in time when it could be easily read and therefore stolen.

Dude, “PoS” is spelled in all capitals. (I have to check Harry Newton’s Telecom Dictionary, but I think he spells it Point Of Sale to be quite honest.) Unless you want to be anti American, and write like a European because you don’t like how Americans used to write, than that’s your right. But don’t expect someone to call you out when you do come off as non American.

I do suspect this guy is somewhere in the Asperger’s Syndrome spectrum disorder. it’s the groups of people you want to throw a manual at their head!

This post was to just discuss how I can’t stand cocky IT guys and their condescending attitudes, their lack of strong English writing skills and writing religion, as he worships to internet port 5060 as his god…another IT pro no-no. No Religion of any type!

Again part of this post was from a No Jitter piece he wrote on the alleged death of VPNs.

That’s it, good night!


Rants: Nortel Admins, Nortel Types and Plain A-Holes

WARNING: Today’s post contains potential unfriendly and vulgar language. Reader Discretion is advised.

“You can’t make everyone happy. No matter how much you tell a customer such technology will be the future, they probably won’t get that. That’s their prerogative, there may be a reason. There’s nothing beyond your control, you must let it go! You insult their intelligence, they’ll loose respect to you.” M.C.

This site is a museum, a task to catalog history of telephony technology (and post the stuff you can’t find anywhere else on the web) to pass down to a dumb population who could care less about the time before they were born or understand where we got to today’s communication. And to accept the fact that the same device sat on a desk or hung on a wall for an a average of a generation, whether its right or not is up for discussion outside this site.

We have a zero tolerance for “bleeding edge of technology”, just because some new thing is in fashion, doesn’t mean its going to work right away, never mind be in vogue tomorrow.

One of the reasons why I’ve disliked Nortel was the they had a reputation for being Nerdtel, whom nerds would be interested in telecom. Just like in  the PC world, you got those nerds, who will throw tons of TLAs down your throat whether you like it or not or just throw buzzwords without even being questioned. Some people in the PC industry also believe in Political Correctness,  you get the “group-think” mentality if you don’t subscribe to the future of technology, you get a similar treatment of “you’re a racist” if you question an African American in power.

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