POTD: Tick Tock Diner, Midtown Manhattan, NY

If you ever visit the West Side of Manhattan, and you like an awesome breakfast, go to the Tick Tock Diner, underneath the New Yorker on Eighth Ave between West 34th and 35th streets. Or should I say the iconic Art-Deco, classic mid 20th Century style of the Wyndham owned hotel? Anyways, I had a Smore French Toast.  Something along those lines…

Enough with food porn on The Museum, but you wanted to see their phones right?

Left looks like the one for the diner, a NEC set for their Electra line, and a Mitel 5330E VOIP set with a backlit display and perhaps a Gigabit Ethernet connection! This is probably used for the hotel communications, and for the use of room service. I can say Mitel is used at these clusters of hotels, because I stayed in TRYP, and I saw my phones on the front desk…



Ugliest Operator Consoles, part three


(I guess I stay up late looking at my own screengrabs)

The Japanese are no angels ether. I guess since digital PBX systems were derivatives of the design of mainframes, the consoles that used to manage mainframes, were not based on CRT in the beginning. Heck even the first PC – the Altair, was filled of complicated LEDs and switches.

This console most likely is used for the NEAX PBX system (the equivalent to the M1, the G3, or SX systems.)

In the late 90s, early 2000s, they too got their act together, and had a sleek console with the user in mind.

Again not my pictures, was taken from an eBay listing.

POTD: New Hobby Lobby

img9912 This newer version of the NEC Electra Key Telephone was found at a local Hobby Lobby that had recently opened. Hobby Lobby is basically the K-Mart of arts and crafts stores. Their footprint is probably quadrupled compared to an AC Moore or Michaels. Coincidentally the stores that Hobby Lobby filled in my area were former KMart stores. Other stores in the area use this system.

Phones @ Work: NEC Dterm sets – Local Christmas Tree Shops

Being part Japanese, you’d think I’d know more about NEC – but I do not.

What I do know was the Japanese did buyout an major American KTS vendor known as TIE that was all the rage from the late 70s into the 90s. Originally Nitsuko bought them out but then NEC would buy them out.  The systems I’ve seen commonly installed in small environments are the Electra series of KSUs.

I have to say NEC made some nice telsets back in those days. Not sure if they are still available.

I took this picture really to see this nice LP player, and this set has an MWI activated.

This Christmas Tree Shops have had this NEC system as long as I have frequented the place. The store isn’t anything about Christmas Trees, but selling private label Chinese made stuff, with closeout items from other stores and other housewares etc. They have been a staple in my region for years and I believe they are a national brand today.


an idle set in another area.IMG_0176