Definity AUDIX Failure, part never!

The AUDIX never failed. Apparently it was me who didn’t realize he didn’t have a “null” modem cable. Once I figured that out, and some questioning around the person who gave me the system, I got it to function. Wasn’t that complicated.

The confirmation that things were working was the infamous prompt.

Welcome to AUDIX. For help at any time, press star-H. Please enter in extension and pound sign.

No I don’t want to go back to a VOIP system that I was doing to replace the broken Cisco CME system. The Avaya was supposed to be “temporary”. Well let’s just keep that as long as I can! 😀

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The AUDIX board is now working!!!

If you can recall, I had a series of issues when I received this around late February. It turns out it needs a “null modem” cable because it’s basically a modem connection to in basic terms make the keyboard and monitor acting as a terminal session to work. I thought I had such cable, but apparently a null cable is thicker than a typical RS232 cable, which was what I only had until recently, I bought an ol US Robotics modem (that’s the supported modem for ether the PBX or AUDIX box) at a thrift store.

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My Mobile History

Since the world is going so mobile, I should write a little blurb about cell phones relates to me. This took nearly seven months to finally “publish” it…

I had 2 toy cell phones, the one that looks like a brick (I should go on eBay to find one again since the local thrift stores I’ve never run into them.) I’d bet it’s the size of an iPhone 6 because it was scaled to children. Another one posted below was a flip phone. I felt like the important person in recess in elementary school.

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My Data Center

I had to do a thirteenth post, because twelve is such an unlucky number for me. If I had to bet on any number, it would be thirteen.

Anyways, I thought I’d share to my followers my data center. Located in the family room area of my family’s home; this is the nerve center for all the information systems. I break it down below

data center 1

Typically, two servers are on at all times, never taking time off. It defeats the purpose of servers if they have to go to bed like everyone else. It is currently on sawhorses as this mini cart is hard to get into to change things in the rackspace. I am currently cataloging and inventory of all existing servers and equipment.

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My Collection (Matrix Form)

This detailed list shows all my current telephones tied to my Avaya Definity G3R9 PBX. This list does not feature extensions, but just what is tied into the system. My Cisco or Mitel sets are not part of this matrix as it’s not currently being used as any “production” systems. Add in the Mitel and Cisco adds another 12 phones, but as I said, they aren’t counted in this matrix.

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The Makings of a Telephone Museum, part two

This video has a faster time lapse and I have been able to get all 500/2500 (except for the ITT and other WE black set) to ring through a trick I learned through Jason with a coverage-answer-point, hunt group and coverage-group function on the Definity console. I’ll post that at a later time. But please enjoy this hard work that took nearly a near from idea to completion!

The Makings of a Telephone Museum

In this ten minute video you can see me build out the museum that took nearly six months from vision to completion. This timelapse video of nearly two full hours during two days in January and earlier this month showed how much work it took to put in the hardware  bought from the local Home Depot using a Closetmaid solution as well as swapping out the telephone sets and finalizing the look.

More to come.