Video: Ericsson Computer/Telephone Terminal

This is the the best tech ad! And the Sound FX is pure gold 😍 Ericsson ad. 1985🇸🇪

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This is pretty rad for the 1980s. Just you need to have a supporting PBX or ESS service. The comments on the Instagram post from at-neontalk was amusing if you do not know what a “terminal” is…

The first digital like carphone can be seen near the end of the byte.

Glad to be a phone dude!

PSA: Please Hug your Phones and Phone Systems



In my Instagram world, I found this sad picture from a mutual follower. The picture says a lot of words simply put.

Anyways optics is everything. For those nitwit IT admins (or subcon vendors) who think phones aren’t in their scope of services or support; users of any organization are not stupid. This type of visual is common in many VOIP deployments. Whether the telecom is in house or outsourced or IT runs it; a lot of times you see similar sets with a  system malnourished of current firmware updates, often abused, and of course left tangling.

Doesn’t this phone remind you of your VOIP deployment from yesterdecade? The same exact phone with the same exact cables, etc? When Bush was still president?

Hug your phones, kiss your softswitch. Give it some love.

Please, donate a dollar to your telecom budget. One dollar a day can fund basic necessities such as 20 handset cables that are in need. Your users will be so happy that they will be untangled.

Thank you.

(This was a Public Service Announcement from the retired and laid off Telephony Professionals of the World.)


POTD: Avaya 8434DX on the Leap Day

I can’t stress enough how much having this set functioning means to me. This is one of the world’s best office telephones in history. If you don’t have a Definity, there is always the MLX-20 and the 4424LD models for the Legend and Magix systems. But you can’t go wrong with 34 buttons with boatloads of call appearances, bridged lines, BLF users, etc.