The Death of the Office Telephone? (Revisited)

It was over two years ago I posted something regurgitated from Avaya of “cord cutting” office telephones. I feel the office telephone has been murdered by “technologists”, i.e. people who live at universities or corporations who don’t even work in a real office, lecturing about the future. They are often dumb when it comes to the common sense things – you know the “end users” perspective.

To this day I still defend the office telephone. And all the features that you can find on the major vendors offerings. “Hosted VOIP” or “Cloud PBX” systems are just IP Centrex with a more h—-ier branding. Buzz/priority calling, call appearances more than 6, IP phones that can support nearly 60 buttons on one set without the need of external BLF modules. It’s ridiculous that Polycom or Cisco can sell a customer a $400 telephone can handle 6 lines or monitor up to 6 telephones, and no page down or up features, while an Avaya Red or Blue set can have up to 12 to 24 lines, feature statuses, or what for the same price.

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Rants: Why I am Avoiding the IT Industry

I wrote this originally for another site that I used to publish. In recent months I’ve gotten severely burnt out with computers and IT related technologies. I actually want to throw these things around now. I hate Cisco, I can’t handle Microsoft’s new direction, and Apple is the lesser of the evils while they are today more evil than say 4 years ago. I don’t like the direction of clouds and minimal (i.e. dummy apps) and social media driven “business” applications. I also believe most of the Millenials were supposed to be thrown away at the local Planned Parenthood plants, but that’s not about telephony.

I’m burnt out of technology, but not burnt out of telephony, which more posts will follow with new features later this month and into May.

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