Newspaper Article – Hampton Technical Services – 1988

It’s interesting when one saves a newspaper or magazine for one thing (or just kept it for another odd reason.) Then when you find and run into it many years later, you may read something you didn’t originally intend to keep it for.

I don’t know the reason why there were old newspapers lying around the basement of my grandmothers house, some were of family value (if a story impacted us), etc. This specific issue I don’t know what the occasion was, but I saw in the business section of The Union Leader (which is a newspaper totally a shadow of it’s former self) an press release of a local business selling something like phone systems and services.


“A new communication and security business, Hampton Technical Services Inc, has opened at  102 Mace Road, say the owners and operators Richard and Lynda Gibbons of Hampton. Hampton Technical Services Inc. will move, install, rearrange, reprogram and maintain office telephone equipment such as Merlin, Spirit, EDTS 2000, Comkey, Horizon, System 25, Fax Machines, Dimensions, Com Dial [an obvious typo], Intertel, Crest, 1A2 Key, N.E.C., and E.Z. One, they report.

They security division of Hampton Technical Services, Inc. will install and service closed-circuit televisions, burglar alarms and smoke and heat detectors for commercial and residential use.

Richard Gibbons served four years as a Navy interior communications electrician, followed by nearly 20 years as a service and sales representative for A. T. & T.

Lynda Gibbons worked for New England Telephone in operator service and also has experience in the hospitality industry and publishing business.” – The Union Leader – September 1988

I’ve wondered if this business still exists, but 1988 standards they would appear to be a Business Partner to Ma Bell.



The AT&T Packet Phone!

This is from the AT&T’s Tech Channel on YouTube. I’ve posted video and vintage film from this YouTube channel before. Some video from the Bell Labs were awesome. This video from 1986 shows what appears to be a beta product called the Packet Phone, the first known device that would later become standard technology. This segment describes how it uses the packet network vs. the circuit network to communicate.

A screengrab of the YouTube clip featuring the Packetphone

This telephone looks similar to the Multibutton Electronic Telephone (MET) used on the Dimension and Horizon PBX, what I am calling the “Unknown PBX.” This Packetphone is probably safe to say it’s part of the Unknown PBX. There is no such documents on the Internet (what irony!) about this product or project.

Of course the System 75 based PBXes had support for packet switching out of the box with the TN-774(?) card that was available in the beginning of the 1990s. Of course that technology enabled IP networking for the Definity systems later on.

The Unknown PBX – Dimension, Horizon

I am working on a project to compile information from the PBX systems that were sold by the Bell Companies in the 70s. The information is scarce since it was proprietary by the Phone Company, as these systems were leased just as the same as your 500 desktop set at home.

The system reached EOL by the turn of the new millennium by Lucent, as it was not Y2K compatible. The DIMENSION PBX was the foundation for the System 85 PBX available in the early 80s.

Dimension was the larger PBX, and digging up the history of the Horizon was the Merlin Magix/Legend of that time.

The telephones were called Multibutton Electronic Telephones, from what I gathered is it was a single line appearance terminals with buttons to activate features. These were supported well into the early 2000s, in earlier versions of the Communication Manger PBX.

Its KTS cousin, the ComKey was available during this same time frame. It got replaced by the Merlin in the early 80s.

There is documents on the ComKey and I found manuals on the Internet. I am settled on knowing the ComKey. I am really interested in the documents from the first modern PBX made by AT&T. If there are PDFs, it would likely to be scare. Avaya published only one document, as the operator console was used for that same System 85 PBX.

I also purchased a Task Oriented Practice on the Horizon PBX, that was actually my first and only Bell System Practices book so far to date.

Does anyone have any documents on the Dimension or the Horizon?
I’ll publish pictures I found online at a later time