Central Offices: FairPoint – Keene, NH

DSC_0318This low res and highly compressed JPEG is a Central Office located just north of Downtown Keene, NH. It is operated by the primary LEC, FairPoint.

If that locale rings any bells, this used to be a popular hotspot in early October for the Keene Pumpkin Festival. It also broken several Guinness Book of World Records for the most Jack-o-Lanterns lit up. Keene State College is about a mile away from this Central Office and sadly the punks from KSC destroyed the city and put the public in danger last October to the point the hack Keene City Council denied proposals for what would’ve been their 25th annual. It’s now moving about 100 miles northeast to a secluded rural grounds in the Lakes Region and not in a micro-urban locale like Keene.


Men At Work: Last Mile


I sometimes take pictures of people working at telephone poles or the signage on such poles. This “last mile” box is actually attached to the telephone pole and it looks newer. The property behind the phone man was once a plant for Texas Instruments, the place shut down and its now a strip mall with a dozen businesses located on this lot.

(The reason why you should not say “utility pole” is because the pole is owned and maintained by the local Bell Operating Company. If the pole is damaged, its the responsibility of the BOC to seek resources to provision a new pole, and coordinate with the power and cable companies to rewire after a damage.)

In my area, my BOC is FairPoint, the power company Eversource (formerly Public Service company of NH or PSNH), and the cable company (at least in my area) Comcast, others north and east of NH are Metrocast (central regions) and Time Warner Cable (mountains, former Adelphia markets)


FairPoint Employs Linux Fanboys as Craftsmen



The Linux or Open Source world share our state Motto “Live Free or Die.” Well apparently, the driver or the truck operator of this FairPoint truck lives and breathes the same standards as well. As you can tell, that FairPoint truck is the primary Bell Operating Company for New Hampshire Vermont and Maine as Verizon sold them out into bankruptcy in early 2008.

IMG_7540 IMG_7541