Central Offices – Frontier (AT&T/SNET) – Hartford, CT

Never in my life have I been to Connecticut twice in the same month. Cross that off my bucket list!

Gawd how I miss the Nutmeg State.

Saturday, after my folks and I visited the Mystic Aquarium (110x better than the New England Aquarium!), we were heading home. I thought hooking up to Southeast Connecticut was easy. Um no. I was totally off. I395 is set up weirdly and apparently the last time I went on there was a while back. Suddenly you’re on 95 South once you get to the bottom. Getting back on 395 was a challenge. Well the thing was we never went back. We hooked up on Route 9 (which I went as a teenager) then went on I84, and went through Hartford. Getting into the city is easier by staying on 84, I91 actually is the bypass highway.

I guess SE CT is like the City of Lynn, Massachusetts, the area “of sin, where you never go back the way you came in.”

Anyways central offices stand out in this fine state. This was seen on I84 Eastbound heading into the city (with slight bottlenecks.) IMG_6146 IMG_6123 IMG_6124

Exclusive: Sidewalk view of Verizon’s CO in Boston!


After heading home from the Boston’s Museum of Science, we took the long way home (apparently) walking from the North End into Government Center to South Station. This is a once-in-a-lifetime or once-in-a-blue-moon event. The Verizon Boston Central office, just blocks away from Government Center, or Boston’s City Hall – has some parts with windows. And these windows you could see through and see wiring panels. MDFs on steroids. I got a handful of clear pictures given it was going into nightfall and I don’t do well with longer shutter speeds with DSLRs. (Not only that but not trying to be a subject by Homeland Security ether…)

DSC_0887 DSC_0886 DSC_0885 DSC_0884 DSC_0882

I bet after this gets posted, Verizon will shutter the curtains, but regardless I thought this was exclusive was worth posting.

Central Offices: FairPoint – Keene, NH

DSC_0318This low res and highly compressed JPEG is a Central Office located just north of Downtown Keene, NH. It is operated by the primary LEC, FairPoint.

If that locale rings any bells, this used to be a popular hotspot in early October for the Keene Pumpkin Festival. It also broken several Guinness Book of World Records for the most Jack-o-Lanterns lit up. Keene State College is about a mile away from this Central Office and sadly the punks from KSC destroyed the city and put the public in danger last October to the point the hack Keene City Council denied proposals for what would’ve been their 25th annual. It’s now moving about 100 miles northeast to a secluded rural grounds in the Lakes Region and not in a micro-urban locale like Keene.


Distribution Box (?)

I took this the other day at my undisclosed community the other day. The box was wide open.

Central Offices – the World Trade Center – New York, NY

UPDATE: September 29th, 2012 – A Follow up video from AT&T describing the technological aftermath, click here to read and watch

In respect to September 11th, I am backdating this post on the 11th anniversary of the attacks.

There are some amazing junk on YouTube.  There is so many videos on YouTube related to telecommunications and telephony – in this case film from the good Ole Bell System.

In this very interesting (but so devastating at the same time) the Bell System had done a film presentation of the installation of telephone switches at then new World Trade Center in 1973. The film described the process of the construction, the installation of the various switching and carrier systems and at the end of the film the workers at the WTC in production state.

The equipment had changed, they eventually switched over to ESS styled switching and went to data and other earlier Internet connectivity services. There was data services for the upper levels of Twin Towers, since many of the Wall Street trading floors were located there, and the New York Stock Exchange’s primary/backup location was at the WTC complex.

If you are an American reader that’s older than 21, you may know what happened on September 11th, 2001, the day where Twin Towers and other complexes of the WTC collapsed. 3,000 or so lives were gone, and all the telco equipment went beyond toast.  The telco companies equipment vendors at the time worked 24 x/hours for the following week to reroute data and voice traffic and to rebuild a totally new network for the Lower Manhattan area.

Regardless, this is another interesting story about telecommunications.

Central Offices: FairPoint – Nashua, NH

Nashua NH Fairpoint Central Office

This is the central office for the Nashua, NH area. The service is provided by FairPoint (that was sold off by Verizon about 5 or so years ago after an excuse to stop funding for unionized workers – an engineered plan to make FairPoint file for Chapter 11 to reorganize the unions)

This central office is likely using 5ESS switches.

As you can see, a CLEC car is parked right near the office. G4 Communications is a CLEC for the Southern New Hampshire area.