Western Electric Wiring Spool

This is one of my biggest collections of telephony related parts.

I acquired this wiring spool in 2008 at the Londonderry (NH) Gardens, the area flea market. I think I offered about $10 (probably $20 in 2015 dollars – it’s crazy I know…) The lady was trying to rid of if for years and the bottom part is finished. (Not worth scuffing the top to show something that isn’t relevant.)

Some photo updates of my classic sets in June 2015 sat on top of this spool. I cropped them out because I wanted to surprise my followers of this possession of mine.

I’ve tried to take good care of this. When I moved in 2010 (actually it didn’t arrive till 2012, it stayed at the other residence for a while after) some stuff sat on top of it. However it’s gotten more banged up, especially on the bottom.

I was going to Photoshop it, but that would be dishonest of me and I’ve tried to look for a set of photos I took around the time I got it to no avail (however it was on my Flickr account then I lost DVD backups and then because Flickr changed for the worst, I left without being able to download the pictures I once posted – didn’t even know that was an option.)

If someone truly knows how to restore these things without destroying it, please let me know by Dialing Zero. Don’t fib and say “well I [hehe] can restore these things [hehe]” I won’t tolerate that behavior.

DSC_0002 DSC_0007 DSC_0006

ESS: Silent Film – Circa 1965

This film (with no audio) is from AT&T’s Archives from the time the system was launched around 1965. The ESS was an improvement over the traditional manual operations from an actual operator (see the pictures from the NH Telephone Museum for further history.) Some automatic or automated technologies such as the Step By Step electromechanical switching; however the real future was in making switches with integrated circuits and circuit boards. The ESS had 5 generations, and the current generation was introduced in 1983, the 5ESS.


FairPoint Employs Linux Fanboys as Craftsmen



The Linux or Open Source world share our state Motto “Live Free or Die.” Well apparently, the driver or the truck operator of this FairPoint truck lives and breathes the same standards as well. As you can tell, that FairPoint truck is the primary Bell Operating Company for New Hampshire Vermont and Maine as Verizon sold them out into bankruptcy in early 2008.

IMG_7540 IMG_7541

Vintage Ads

I found this online and I forget where, apologies in advance.

I’ll be doing a weekly series on old ads from the Bell System for the next few weeks. We’ll start with the Bell Systemthemakersnameonthebox

The Maker’s Name is On the Box

This handsome telephone is probably the best way of introducing you to Western Electric. For we at Western Electric are the makers of Bell telephone equipment – from the phone in your home to the wire, cable and dial switching equipment needed when you make a call. Producing dependable telephone equipment from your Bell telephone company . . . that’s Western Electric’s main job as the manufacturing and supply unit of the Bell Telephone System.