History of Avaya, Inc.

As part of an ongoing history of documenting the once leader of enterprise telephony. For future posts, read the tag #MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain and Remembering Avaya

Avaya Incorporated was founded by Lucent Technologies in late 1999 to “unlock shareholder value” by focusing on mostly carrier switches such as the 5ESS products. The company was fully spun off as an IPO that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AV. Meanwhile, Lucent spun off other vendors such as Agere, a semiconductor company that went into their own products, with chips that even had Western Electric prints from the mid 1980s.

With the basics of the company’s founding, it’s important to go back to the beginnings dating as far back as the telephone itself. The history is on Avaya and the track related to Avaya’s past and present assets, products and services. Continue reading


Definity AUDIX Failure, part never!

The AUDIX never failed. Apparently it was me who didn’t realize he didn’t have a “null” modem cable. Once I figured that out, and some questioning around the person who gave me the system, I got it to function. Wasn’t that complicated.

The confirmation that things were working was the infamous prompt.

Welcome to AUDIX. For help at any time, press star-H. Please enter in extension and pound sign.

No I don’t want to go back to a VOIP system that I was doing to replace the broken Cisco CME system. The Avaya was supposed to be “temporary”. Well let’s just keep that as long as I can! 😀

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Rants: Avaya’s Potential Bankruptcy

Earlier this morning, I was googling ways to bypass their PBX license files, because Avaya is so stubborn to not give RTUs or contracts unless you have the cash to have a sold-to account.  I so want to enable my old relic to do more.

Well last week, a story in The Wall Street Journal, reported Avaya, nearly nine years of being a privately held corporation is looking at  selling their call center unit as they are possibly going into bankruptcy by next month. The story is behind a paywall, but other stories from other blogs indicating Avaya going under.

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