Remembering Avaya

Avaya (if you take out the Nortel Enterprise Services unit out) was one of the better performing niche telephony services and equipment vendor for enterprises. A decedent of the old Bell System, Avaya had nearly 90% of US enterprise in the Fortune 500, no other company in the AT&T era could claim.

A brand where they even needed to reach out to Wayne Brady (known for his improv comedy on Whose Line is it Anyway and the host of the revived Let’s Make a Deal), Avaya was what I will call, a cult following. Following and loving a technology that wasn’t reflected in the masses in the IT field. A true American company that was feature rich, even if you never used any of their features.

Avaya’s legacy is going to disappear quickly with sales and marketing types spreading fear and lies and fake-news sites will blow up the bankruptcy so it was Avaya that killed themselves like a self-inflicted wound.

Below are posts related to Avaya’s demise

Unravelling Avaya’s Many Mistakes

The phone system business of Lucent that became a spinoff in retrospect could’ve been a blessing in disguise in the telecom equipment sector. But did Avaya in seventeen years throw it all away? There’s a case for that argument.

Since the original post in the comments, a gentleman that once worked for Avaya wrote some interesting insight of specifically what may had caused the downfall.

Avaya Strikes Out With SIP

I only link this because I feel in some customers, SIP may work for some and not for others and there are plenty of legacy customers where that’s their only option. Avaya’s current management and business press is blaming Avaya for being stuck in the past, well for a network to be connected to the world, it isn’t just the customer, or Avaya ether. Also SIP from Avaya’s eyes may be different from the viewpoint of management in 2001 as opposed to the 2010s. Their aggressive sales of SIP may also been a result of their demise.  But what do I know, that argument could be well above my paygrade and competency levels.

Avaya Too Protective for Hobbyists?

They claim to be hip in marketing, but internally are they still very legalese? My runins are shown in this post.