No Longer in a Relationship w/ Avaya

Not that I was in any financial or VAR (or Business Partner to use their longtime lingo) relationships to begin with.

Avaya in my opinion has lost it.

The company is pleasing their private shareholders by being hip and cool trying to be this high tech company by hiring a bunch of arrogant, too cool for the traditional in with the extreme progressive social agenda of cubicle less office spaces, and doing 8 hour work on a mobile phone.

I still can’t get to this day how so many people want office jobs, oh I mean marketing jobs where you sit and really do nothing and tilt back with the fancy chair of the day with their arms behind their heads. This is one of most perverted tech companies that had no reason to change for the sake of changing. (There is no argument with VOIP and other newer technologies, just the apps, mobile and everything not about the desk set is the argument.)

Avaya in only a few years have stooped to such a lower level of service deliver, their most recent PBX software (“Aura” 6x), the core operating system uses a free open source operating system called CENTOS. Yes, that same core operating system that powers tons of Asterisk distros.

There is no doubt that Avaya is innovating, and there is no doubt more and more engineer types have been more public since the Nortel Enterprise buyout 5 years ago. More casual use of three letter acronyms or abbreviations (TLAs) in the new Avaya world, and often it comes off a little condescending. Avaya’s innovation often condrcits  their corporate advocacy of extremely, overbearing regulations in the enhanced 911 and multi line telephone systems or in plain English a frecking phone system! This publisher left the “Avaya List” not to long after he felt so bombarded with the inappropriate position of Mark Fletcher, known to the industry as “Fletch” and his pro-anti-innovation agenda which is overbearing laws for 911 use in PRIVATE environments! the list serve users thought I was blackmailing him because i was some jelious vendor or whatever accusations – that was so 2013.

Avaya is only hurting themselves. Why should anyone procure equipment where support is across a massive pond with people with broken English and who have never had extensive knowledge of the system going back to the last days before Divestiture? Avaya has already caught the Left Coast Disease of Rewriting History, and they don’t want you to know their heritage that brought them to where they are today.  They don’t. They want you to buy into their crappy apps that no one uses. I would even question if any of their tablets or other weird toys are in any serious environment?

Avaya lost themselves. As with many companies, the ones that become illrelevent to telecom or IT managers are the ones where the marketing and sales took over the innovation or the core values. cheap IP telsets may not be sexy, or drive double digit growth, but its all about change for the sake of change. The lack of Avaya activity on both major list serves (other than Mark Fletcher) kinda confirms how they are all about they want of the customers not the other way that worked for over a century.

In closing, my long time relationship with Avaya is over. Onto other generic solutions.