How to Spot and Run away from “Nerdtel Guys”

While some folks are the exception to the rule; nearly 99% of the Nortel admins (i.e. Avaya Blue) I hate. Literally. Like I hope they die of cancer from being an a–hole. (Rest is not safe for work material – I use strong vulgarities because these people is the trash you find at your local “transfer station”)

Nortel people are sometimes refereed to Nerdtel, because once upon a time Nortel was a heavily engineering type of company.  Most of my references comes from Avaya’s own blogs (post Nortel takeover), the ol’ Avaya-List, the Nortel-List (archived emails), social media and sites like No Jitter.

Why do I feel threatened by these mostly men?

  • They are extremely technical
  • They suck at jokes, because like their female counterparts, they have to explain everything
  • Never trust their smilies in email, comments on social media. They are faking it!
  • They are thin skinned, if a Nortel expat comes to Avaya, they’ll bitch about “Your Call is being Answered by AUDIX” and be “so annoyed”. Go f— your spouse for gawd sakes!
  • They don’t understand what it’s like to be a user, I don’t give a damn how much features a Norstar, a Meridian 1 or even a DMS, they have made these things only for people who have the brains to use it
  • Their Religion isn’t Catholics vs Prostitants; Fords or Chevys, but Disruption vs. Same ol
  • They literally insult the lower tier admins on social media. If they say this on social media, and do this, this is yet again abuse and a misdemeanor charge. Throwing an NTP book down at someone is RTFM like attitude and it’s a crime because you are assaulting (AND THREATENING) somebody.
  • Nerds tend to be competitive, and brag. And brag. And brag some more. It’s fine in the lab, but not in the office. Some places you can be fired. However the country north of me, tends to have this spirit. Research in Motion also had these assholes who had to brag to get to the top. And where did they go?
  • They think everything needs to be obsolete for the sake of “change”. Yup we can say change has lead to so many unintended consequences for business and society. (Reference 1, 2, 3)
  • They can’t help to withhold the most technical words. Do you see this shit from C.J.? I think he’s dead sadly to say (at least on social media.) Miss you Bro!

Now the biggies, like Andrew Prokop and the infamous, notorious Mark Fletcher

So in short, while some may be the exception to the rule. If I was a woman, or some other vulernable human being:

  • Nortel people tend to be very technical, and anti social (i.e. not understanding the “normal” professional user)
  • They don’t work with other people. They live in the switchroom during business hours
  • They interrogate (“Five Ws” times 5, i.e. Who/What/When/Where/Why then five more times). Go look at the Nortel-list.
  • They are threatening individuals (for sure)
  • They may have a criminal abuse against women (should Google)
  • They may not be married (that’s prolly not relevant)
  • When they can’t get their way, they defend themselves using the TLAs.

Anyone who runs into a CS1000, a Norstar, a Meridian 1 should run the other direction because many sure as hell are dangerous human beings!

I’m sorry if someone was offended, but I have ARWS the Avaya Red Withdrawal Syndrome and dually dx’d with Avaya Derangement Syndrome or ADS. I would say NDS but Nortel was gone 9 years ago. But when Nortel was alive I sure as hell had NDS because I only was 10% fond of Nortel.