9-1-1 Insanity

This blog focuses on historic images or other media featuring voice technology from yesteryear or the previous century.

But in some museums there are discussion groups and today its about E911 or “Emergency”.

911 gets often misused or misdialed on an often basis. The media doesn’t help the matters when in almost every fictional show, if something seems to be wrong “CALL 911″, news outlets that sensationalize the fraudulent 911 calls or hell any 911 call.

There are some telecom equipment companies you know like the ones that make large scale PBX systems that have “product managers” that push for 911 legislation. (I’ll leave people and companies nameless but if you are familiar with them – you know what I am talking about.)

Yes they push for legislation.

Many PBX managers are ones who are mostly conservative and not for excessive legislation like a former company from North Of The Border.  I do fear that E911 laws get very onerous. One set of laws dictate “MLTS” or Multi Line Telephone Systems. Some states get very technical and of course just with any law in the last few years if you are less than 50 ports (or people) you get screwed the most. Its very ironic that the same companies that make KTS or KSUs do not have adequate E911 support. Least these morons to understand sites like eBay that still sells older KSU systems including old generations of Norstars, CLASSIC Merlins (like I have blogged before) and its cousins too! If they run via TDM and ISDN sure its an inch close to E911 standards but it still very, very complicated. Some can’t even afford “consultants” to help them.

Its also ironic that these same companies that are preaching “Innovation” like a Silicon Valley based company is actually by oxymoron taking away that same idea due to onerous government regulation just for E911.

Oh and what would really be depressing is if government dictates business to require to dial 911 plainly, and then see an possible uptick in misdialed attempts to 911 and then have your taxes go up because of the costs of police officers (BY law) to report to your business that is why TAC is your safeguard.

But what do I know? I don’t have the PhD of Knowing Everything About Telecom to the point where I condescend my fellow users on email lists and when I, the author of this blog try to counter-argue, I get treated that I am the jerk.

Exploiting children for E911 reform is even more sickening, again I suggest you find the blog of this unnamed company of reference that meets the above profile.