I’m known to be opinionated. I also show my unpopular views. I’m the technological maverick, and I’m not talking about Mac OS X 10.9 of course!

The Force Feeding of Unified Communications to a Consumer

Unified Communications is pretty much a broad term now then it was a few years ago. Originally it was IP Telephony with SIP and other goodies; now this terminology and technology has evolved into multi media applications embedded in social networking and social media. In 2016, your Facebook Messenger is also a “phone”. And now you have more “professionals” at your local Starbucks using their VOIP app to make important “business” calls in a noisy environment and let’s assume Starbucks has QOS and say multimedia isn’t on priority in some locales. Some stores use AT&T, some like in my town uses Google, it depends of what their ISP is and how much data it can handle.

I rant more about millennials, entitlement, autism mixing with general social conventions further.

Why Did I Have to Jump into Consumer UC?

More rants on the push by the industry, customers alike. Do I want to be chatting via text over voice? Of course if there isn’t any latency. But millenials don’t like to talk at all, and now the industry believes tagging people on social media is the equivelent to making a ten-digit call. Oh and other UC fanboys also think the ten digit number is a gateway to the past. I show disagreement below and above for the link.

Over the last couple of years, I have done more texting, chatting, emailing over voice; because the people I talk to have desk phones that are VOIP based. Of the few, they are using Allworx. They are just lousy phones! Once these cutover, the heartless IT admins who hate their users and get paid to hate, will not touch any of these phones. (Don’t get me started with security risks and reliability issues.) So as a result, I email. Until the email servers go down on the other end because the Exchange admins think patching a server at lunch time and not understanding customers emailing their to that organization while they are on their lunch is most likely occurring.

Why I Have Disliked Cisco

I feel that Cisco now owns 90% of the Fortune 500 companies that Avaya once claimed. When Avaya had that claim to fame, AT&T never had that stat – and even during that time a decade ago – the customers didn’t have Avaya at each plant, often they were in mixed environments or specific applications (call center, etc.) So many users of Cisco’s IP Telephony uses it for the entire enterprise, which then would confirm they have more of an installed base.

Why I am Avoiding the IT Industry

I wrote this originally for another site that I used to publish. In recent months I’ve gotten severely burnt out with computers and IT related technologies. I actually want to throw these things around now. I hate Cisco, I can’t handle Microsoft’s new direction, and Apple is the lesser of the evils while they are today more evil than say 4 years ago. I don’t like the direction of clouds and minimal (i.e. dummy apps) and social media driven “business” applications. I also believe most of the Millenials were supposed to be thrown away at the local Planned Parenthood plants, but that’s not about telephony.

Sales & Marketing’s Abusive Telephony Agenda

The original post didn’t have a catchy title like in this “Part two”

File this under IT is what it shouldn’t be. I mean, IT as in Information Technology.

A partner  of mine gave me a link to a page entitled “Meridian System Tech Support Guide” written by a Nicole Hayward for some pro-IP voice provider. Joe the UCX Guy would have a field day with these types of sales traps.

Rants: Nortel Admins, Nortel Types and Plain A-Holes

NSFW if you click on the link.

This site is a museum, a task to catalog history of telephony technology (and post the stuff you can’t find anywhere else on the web) to pass down to a dumb population who could care less about the time before they were born or understand where we got to today’s communication. And to accept the fact that the same device sat on a desk or hung on a wall for an a average of a generation, whether its right or not is up for discussion outside this site.

We have a zero tolerance for “bleeding edge of technology”, just because some new thing is in fashion, doesn’t mean its going to work right away, never mind be in vogue tomorrow.

Why I left the Avaya List

Even though I wasn’t in the field professionally, I left because of the infiltration of the Nerdtel crew. Some were rude SOBs you typically find in the IT departments.

Relationship Status: No Longer in a Relationship With Avaya

Not that I was in any financial or VAR (or Business Partner to use their longtime lingo) relationships to begin with.

Avaya in my opinion has lost it.

The company is pleasing their private shareholders by being hip and cool trying to be this high tech company by hiring a bunch of arrogant, too cool for the traditional in with the extreme progressive social agenda of cubicle less office spaces, and doing 8 hour work on a mobile phone.

The Death of the Office Phone?

Avaya must’ve been drinking spiked spirits made by Microsoft given how they have tried to kill the office phone to no avail – YET.