Phones @ Work

Here are some pictures of office phones in action.


Macy’s has been closing some of the regional department stores in recent years. Bedford, NH (formerly Jordan Marsh) closed in 2015. This was a ROLM store. It’s been since torn down and is now a parking area for a future development


In April 2016, I visited New York City the second year in a row. I noticed this 7410 BIS terminal at the flagship 34th Street Macy’s. I don’t think it works anymore, no lamp indications and newer releases of Aura has discontinued support for eight wired sets. (CM 4/G3r Release 14 if I am not mistaken?)


Most Legolands are outdoors in mild locales. What do you do if you live in brutal four seasons? Create a Legoland Discovery Center! The attraction’s master builder works here and builds wonderful things. But sadly, you can spot the Cisco 6941, near the door…


An Avaya 8410D Terminal. Taken at Attiash Grand Summit Resort in September 2016.


An Avaya Partner 18D set taken at Leda Lanes in Nashua because I was bored and decided to take this picture. (Read this link why I do not refer these sets as “Euro”)


A friend of mine allowed me to post this picture I took for her employer. This is a Polycom SoundPoint IP 330 I believe.


A Mitel 5312 was spotted at a newer built Kohl’s post Nortel Bankruptcy.


Another Kohl’s nearby is a Nortel shop, or do I say Avaya Blue?


TGI Fridays at least in my area is an Avaya Blue place. (I don’t like the voice drop in all brown though…)


My very ultra conservative town can’t afford Microsoft licenses (in fact they were non compliant for a while) but they sure as hell could afford Cisco phone systems? At the school system too?


New Hobby Lobby with NEC digital telsets.


My local Papa Gino’s has gone onto the dark side. Not Cisco, but anything but Avaya is still scandalous.


A Mitel Superset spotted at the Cannon Mountain Tram base.


An Avaya 9608 IP Telephone, taken at a local Olive Garden.


A Toshiba Strata digital telephone, taken at my local Whole Foods Market in Nashua, NH. According to other sources, Joe, the UCX Guy , has spotted Cisco phones at some WFM sites out in the Midwest.


Once an analog Centrex-like environment, the credit union formerly for the Digital Equipment Corporation employees, also known as Digital Credit Union or DCU in recent years upgraded to an Avaya IPT solution.

An Avaya 6424 and a 6408 Digital telephone at the House Chambers of the Massachusetts State House.

An Avaya 6424 and a 6408 Digital telephone at the House Chambers of the Massachusetts State House.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been a long time customer of Avaya Red going back to the days of AT&T. Because the state government is so huge, many state agencies use Avaya – and yes, many of the large PBX class systems.