New Hampshire 9-1-1 Awareness

This page was originally to discuss the New Hampshire 9-1-1 system.

When this was originally written in May of 2017, from a visit at The New Hampshire Telephone Museum, I was not aware that a man named Mark E. Doyle, formerly the Chief of the Merrimack Police Department took control of the parent agency. He left the Department in May of 2017, and was overseeing the E911 unit at the time the speaker came to Warner.

Mr. Doyle is a despicable man who is clearly a political hack in my own professional opinion. I ran into this man in April of 2015 protesting against a major tax evading non for profit autism organization, who approached me and wrote a report behind my back, defaming me and deflected any wrong doings. Merrimack Police has a clean safe record by surveilling every individual (it seems) and has a tight budget, but yet has several computers that are possibly writing negative things about their own citizens. Men typically do not pay attention to detail, and men do not have sympathy. This is Mr. Doyle.

Remember Supplemental ANI I wrote about? Well this man did not do any Supplemental ANI events at my local police department when he ran the dept since taking over in 2011. So if I ever call 9-1-1 on any of my numbers, they won’t know because they didn’t have an event for families to register because I fear the department has predjuice.

This site does not hate police, or condone behavior in recent years; however the man who I felt did a lot of harm for my personal reputation has a lot of power. As a result until I can resolve concerns as a statewide issue, I have deleted all the 9-1-1 discussions from the NHTM.