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Some Guest Posts from the community included

The Deaf Actually Use The Phone?

Yup, it’s true, the deaf can use the phone. And ironically, they’ve been able to for many years. The Telecommunications Act of 1982 “allows states to require carriers to continue providing subsidies for specialized equipment needed by persons with impaired hearing, speech, vision, or mobility”.

Telephony In Radio Broadcasts

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I’ve worked for two different radio companies in my employment history. With my interest in telephony, naturally I was interested in how the telephone callers got “on the air.”  Here are a few case studies on radio telephony that I’ve experienced.

Avaya Strikes Out on SIP

Like your humble curator, I have a love/hate relationship for Avaya. When I attended the International Avaya Users Group in 2012, it was clear that the corporate vision of Avaya is that TDM is out, SIP is in. Gateways? What are those? Analog lines? Clearly a thing of the past in Avaya’s view.