The Death of the Office Telephone? (Revisited)

It was over two years ago I posted something regurgitated from Avaya of “cord cutting” office telephones. I feel the office telephone has been murdered by “technologists”, i.e. people who live at universities or corporations who don’t even work in a real office, lecturing about the future. They are often dumb when it comes to the common sense things – you know the “end users” perspective.

To this day I still defend the office telephone. And all the features that you can find on the major vendors offerings. “Hosted VOIP” or “Cloud PBX” systems are just IP Centrex with a more h—-ier branding. Buzz/priority calling, call appearances more than 6, IP phones that can support nearly 60 buttons on one set without the need of external BLF modules. It’s ridiculous that Polycom or Cisco can sell a customer a $400 telephone can handle 6 lines or monitor up to 6 telephones, and no page down or up features, while an Avaya Red or Blue set can have up to 12 to 24 lines, feature statuses, or what for the same price.

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Video: SIP/VOIP and Lies from the NAB Show


From my sister platform, The Clickford Zone (YES I’M THE MASTER OF MY EFFING DOMAIN! Some people think my domain isn’t “TLD” or it’s “generic” – stop bullshitting me!)

Anyways, here’s a synopsis

The Lies My NAB Show Speakers Tell Me
I attended a seminar on Session Initiation Protocol, Voice over IP and Audio over IP (SIP/VOIP/AOIP.) ITN, the British TV network apparently replaced their digital telephone system to VOIP as they replaced their hybrids from traditional to VOIP. From my recollection, they did some of this using Pi boxes (NOT RECOMMENDED for PBX uses over 40 ports.) But what do I know I am just a content creator…
But the speaker that did the intro did an outro and said 20 years ago a Philly area radio station, if a mayor wanted to get on the air, they had to call the right number because the newsroom and hybrid phones were not integrated and apparently with VOIP this is possible. The same lies that say you need to be on VOIP to get “Caller ID”. Apparently the opening/closing speaker has slept under a rock for the last 25 years and with ISDN, you could mix studio hybrids into newsroom (Norstars, Legends, Magixs, Definitys, etc.)

This was the laundry list of the many lies speakers think they could get away with in the world of cutting costs and going to IP and IT based solutions. It’s so awesome!


Rants: How to Spot and Run away from “Nerdtel Guys”

TRIGGER WARNING: Naughty words, and some mild rants. I cannot be held liable for your lack of reading the warnings ahead of time.

Excuse me while I have a mudslide or a white russian after what I have to run into online once and a while. The rest is Not Safe For Work Material better known by it’s global codeword as NSFW. Please read at your own discretion. If you are easily offended go read something else. Folks with a thick skin can be welcomed to read on…

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Ask before Reuse

The Museum of Telephony receives a lot of referrals on a daily basis. The average hits is normally 100, often occurring two to three times a week. Just recently the site celebrated it’s 35,000th hit since the launch in 2012.

Given WordPress’ ability to see referrals (however unlike other sites, I can’t get location, specific URLs, etc) there has been questionable links.  Some sites I have asked to remove to protect the brand, and quality of this site (some have described this as a “weblog” for an example.)

No worse, is some websites that are trying to tinker with it’s URL and see what it looks like on mobile. Even better, there is a website that has been taking the content and using it for an alleged syndication.

I am going to be direct: The Museum’s layout will never change. It’s the makeup and identity of what makes this site special. If I go all minimal to please the engineers of the world to not look as sexy, then The Museum goes down.  Also in a mobile world, editing is more complex and often more typos occur.

I put a lot of hard work to be accessible to a wide audience. You can’t easily learn the history of the telephone on a small fat tablet.

I need to be honest here: About 99.9% percent of the content is my own work, therefore it’s been liberally copyrighted, but I need to put an end to people who are linking my site with a questionable quality standards; and worse these open source sites . MY CONTENT IS COPYRIGHTED. ANY USE FOR SOMEONE ELSE’S SHARING WILL BE PROHIBITED. IF I HAVE TO FILE A DMCA CLAIM, THEN I WILL SURE AS HELL DO!

Be warned, this site will be on higher and elevated surveillance monitoring the incoming traffic and  other unauthorized use of syndicated content

This site is getting better in terms of traffic, chatter, and other things. You want mobile? Well there’s an Instagram and a Facebook page. That’s all. You don’t need to rip my stuff and post it on an open source site and violate my work and treat it as public domain. And if you do not know English as a Primary Language, talk-to-me first! Click on the contact link.

In short, don’t steal my content without permission, second The Museum will never go to mobile primarily, there are other portals for that. If you call me old fashioned, then so be it! It’s the purpose of this site to begin with!

~The Content Management Team at The Museum of Telephony~


Why I’ve Been Forced to go to Unified Communications as a Consumer, Part Two

Back to me, myself and I: Why did I have to jump to consumer UC services?

Over the last couple of years, I have done more texting, chatting, emailing over voice; because the people I talk to have desk phones that are VOIP based. Of the few, they are using Allworx. They are just lousy phones! Once these cutover, the heartless IT admins who hate their users and get paid to hate, will not touch any of these phones. (Don’t get me started with security risks and reliability issues.) So as a result, I email. Until the email servers go down on the other end because the Exchange admins think patching a server at lunch time and not understanding customers emailing their to that organization while they are on their lunch is most likely occuring.

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Why I’ve been Forced to go to Unified Communications as a Consumer

Unified Communications is pretty much a broad term now then it was a few years ago. Originally it was IP Telephony with SIP and other goodies; now this terminology and technology has evolved into multi media applications embedded in social networking and social media. In 2016, your Facebook Messenger is also a “phone”. And now you have more “professionals” at your local Starbucks using their VOIP app to make important “business” calls in a noisy environment and let’s assume Starbucks has QOS and say multimedia isn’t on priority in some locales. Some stores use AT&T, some like in my town uses Google, it depends of what their ISP is and how much data it can handle.

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Rants: Avaya’s Potential Bankruptcy

Earlier this morning, I was googling ways to bypass their PBX license files, because Avaya is so stubborn to not give RTUs or contracts unless you have the cash to have a sold-to account.  I so want to enable my old relic to do more.

Well last week, a story in The Wall Street Journal, reported Avaya, nearly nine years of being a privately held corporation is looking at  selling their call center unit as they are possibly going into bankruptcy by next month. The story is behind a paywall, but other stories from other blogs indicating Avaya going under.

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Rants: Governor Paul LePage’s Stupidity in Unified Messaging

I live next to Maine. I love the state so much I wished the whole state could be flooded into the Atlantic.

I’m not kidding.

I’d say 90% of the 1.5 million residents (roughly) collectively have an IQ at freezing temperature.

If that’s statement worth backing up, let me share you a link to the Governor, Paul LePage that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

This dummy Republican governor left an OBSCENE message to a Democrat lawmaker in that state. He acts respectful in the beginning, but by his sixth word, he uses a vulgar word. Don’t get me started with compliance violations and human resource complaints and possible lawsuits for this kind of disrespect.

LePage even had the audacity to give the lawmaker permission to “record” the voicemail. Excuse me? Today in 2016, there is this nice little innovation called “Unified Messaging” that your voicemails can be sent via email by your Modular Messaging (something that dates far back in the early days of AUDIX), that the state government has used for many, MANY years, (since it’s a sister state to Massachusetts you know!)

But I bet LePage’s NT credentials are often barred because if he swears and uses vulgarity in traceable voicemails in default .WAVE formats, who knows what he sends on his Outlook.

If this was a Democrat, I’d probably say the same thing. A WikiLeaks drop of emails from Mrs. Anthony Weiner having to explain to Hillary Clinton how to pick up a telephone handset and couldn’t understand the concept of a handsfree call/speakerphone.

What hurts me is the level of discourse in society. It’s one thing to name call, or wish a state flooded by the ocean, but when you use vulgarities, or wishing one dead or actually going forward to put other’s lives in danger, that’s crossing a line. So many people on both sides are doing it.

My only beef was the actual voicemail and the concent to “record” despie it already being recorded electronically assuming the State of Maine is using the latest and greatest Avaya solutions (confirmed in marketing materials using the 1600 IP sets as of a few years ago.)

NSFW link

Rants: Why I have Disliked Cisco

Today’s little rant is on why I have disliked Cisco both for data and voice. It’s the same ol lines from many people, its overpriced, it may be somewhat underpowered and the warranty sucks and support only lasts for 3 years. IOS is a joke, the command prompts are more archaic than say a DOS setup; and 100% software defined networking isn’t the solution ether.

Anyways for voice, I feel that Cisco now owns 90% of the Fortune 500 companies that Avaya once claimed. When Avaya had that claim to fame, AT&T never had that stat – and even during that time a decade ago – the customers didn’t have Avaya at each plant, often they were in mixed environments or specific applications (call center, etc.) So many users of Cisco’s IP Telephony uses it for the entire enterprise, which then would confirm they have more of an installed base.

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Rants: Why I am Avoiding the IT Industry

I wrote this originally for another site that I used to publish. In recent months I’ve gotten severely burnt out with computers and IT related technologies. I actually want to throw these things around now. I hate Cisco, I can’t handle Microsoft’s new direction, and Apple is the lesser of the evils while they are today more evil than say 4 years ago. I don’t like the direction of clouds and minimal (i.e. dummy apps) and social media driven “business” applications. I also believe most of the Millenials were supposed to be thrown away at the local Planned Parenthood plants, but that’s not about telephony.

I’m burnt out of technology, but not burnt out of telephony, which more posts will follow with new features later this month and into May.

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