Definity AUDIX Failure, part never!

The AUDIX never failed. Apparently it was me who didn’t realize he didn’t have a “null” modem cable. Once I figured that out, and some questioning around the person who gave me the system, I got it to function. Wasn’t that complicated.

The confirmation that things were working was the infamous prompt.

Welcome to AUDIX. For help at any time, press star-H. Please enter in extension and pound sign.

No I don’t want to go back to a VOIP system that I was doing to replace the broken Cisco CME system. The Avaya was supposed to be “temporary”. Well let’s just keep that as long as I can! 😀

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The AUDIX board is now working!!!

If you can recall, I had a series of issues when I received this around late February. It turns out it needs a “null modem” cable because it’s basically a modem connection to in basic terms make the keyboard and monitor acting as a terminal session to work. I thought I had such cable, but apparently a null cable is thicker than a typical RS232 cable, which was what I only had until recently, I bought an ol US Robotics modem (that’s the supported modem for ether the PBX or AUDIX box) at a thrift store.

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My Mobile History

Since the world is going so mobile, I should write a little blurb about cell phones relates to me. This took nearly seven months to finally “publish” it…

I had 2 toy cell phones, the one that looks like a brick (I should go on eBay to find one again since the local thrift stores I’ve never run into them.) I’d bet it’s the size of an iPhone 6 because it was scaled to children. Another one posted below was a flip phone. I felt like the important person in recess in elementary school.

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Aastra/Nortel 390 Unboxing

It’s been a while since I have been updating the site. In fact, I haven’t logged in for a while ether. While I have some time catching up on things, I thought I’d share the unboxing (albeit sound only) of an Aastra 390 screenset, received by Joe the UCX Guy earlier last month. Joe: I’ve tried to reach you for acknowledgment and my email has  been acting very moody. Future correspondences can be sent via steven@vanitydomain (see banner). I have not forgotten you.

I’ll have stills and hopefully a video portion sooner than later.

Anyways back to some emails and other things I have to follow up. Been a busy summer for me, hence the silence here.


Avaya Windstar Van – Lego Edition – 2008

I have not shared my Lego creations or my passion on this site, but because it blends into this subject, I’m posting this.

I built this around 2008, about the time I finished school and had some time on my hands.  In my grandmother’s basement (where I used to live) was where my Lego stuff was at that point in time. As with any bustling little Lego community, fire trucks, police cruisers, news gathering vehicles and street sweepers, construction vehicles and interconnect vehicles. (I own at least a hundred kits, at least a couple dozen “bulk” buckets and/or storage containers featuring Lego pieces and not to mention buying bulk pieces at the Lego Store – read below and acquiring early American pieces on eBay or thrift shops.)

This vehicle represented Avaya at that time. Most of Avaya’s support fleet were white colored Ford Windstars with the Avaya logo located on the side and back. Using Avery labeling, I printed them out that way. (I strongly suggest printing in photo paper on a photo printer for better results.

When I was about twelve, I broke a in house rule of keeping kits seperate to any other bricks I acquired separately. As a result many kits that I had as a preteen were already wrecked and rebuilt into other things. The reason was there was no Lego Store at that time and there was no such thing as Pick a Brick where you could fill up a cup that could look like candy and getting random Lego pieces. (Its not the bricks that matter, its the special pieces.

IMG_0544 IMG_0545

No foot long boards or Merlins living in the back of this truck sadly, mostly was driven empty.


As you could tell, the back were just regular 1×2 stud bricks attached on a hinge piece that I didn’t have many spares to. The vehicle is not even remotely close to a Windstar. But talking to professional Lego people, and employees of a local indoor Legoland, the “minfigure” scale is very difficult as they are by default 6 feet tall. (In recent years, they made petite size figures – ones with no moving legs, and finally other figures like infants have come to the world of Lego.)

The van has since been wrecked because a) Avaya has changed their decals shown here; and b) most minifigs in my little world don’t use Avaya or even Cisco, they have their own little vendor called Clicktel. They had already given up on Avaya way before the real world finally cried “surrender!”