The Museum of Telephony strides for accountability and having 99.999% reliable facts (with opinion clearly labeled as such.) It’s also good when asking for donations to also see where your money is being used for.

CY 2016 (Vaporized time)


2Q/CY17 (same as last quarter)

  • Finishing the electronic version of AT&T Technical Journal on a 1985 article on the System 75 PBX, as a “fair use” case for historical and niche product while its intellectual property is now “End of Life” (last system that ran on such hardware/software marketed by Avaya was Communication Manager Release 3, the 13th release since System 75 that is not recommend for production use in businesses anymore) The goal is to finish the pages for a searchable text and have all 10 or so parts included.
  • Posting new stuff on the AT&T Dimension. In retrospect, do we really have to? Reading some of this is like painful to relate. IN PROGRESS
  • Producing trivial videos such as “How to use a Telephone”, and video tutorials of modern day office telephones
  • Update the My Collection Pages (Needs to be GUTTED) DONE!
  • Oh and there was is a world other than Western Electric. Just stay tuned…