Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To archive all types of multimedia (images, video, film) from ether my collection or from cited third parties;

To provide readers information that is in a increasingly niche market;

That sometimes niche markets and audiences can be better served;

To show “old timers” there is a younger generation that is very interested of the history of the technology and isn’t doing as a “fad” or because “it’s cool because it’s relevant.” It’s because the people who are interested in it them genetically.

to teach professionals a technology to help better themselves. (Not knowing tip and ring, or what a “switchboard” is and configuring VOIP will make your profession look silly.)

To catalog, index from third party and from my own collection of the computer cousin to telephony – mainframes and dumb terminals. Personal Computing won’t be part of this site.

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  1. Hi

    I also am a mother and grandmother who has just received a Vista 390 phone. I love it, but the message light does not come on. Can that be fixed?


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