Site Update, part five

OK folks, I had made a decision to return here and add stuff on a semi often basis, with four major updates throughout the year. See here for the goals. Office telephony is not the goal this year, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

I explain why I had been kinda on and off since 2015 because the man I encountered at that time is running the E9-1-1 system in my state. The man is dangerous to certain members in my community and as a result I had removed all previous posts about the NH 9-1-1 system till further notice.

As of July 1st, there has not been any donations. An updated wishlist is open for people wanting to hand over their junk to become my treasure. I am trying out Pateron to get extra revenue. The goal is to move a lot of the content to a host here at home, mostly on the “pages”, the stuff you can access on the top bar. Why?

  • This site was never, EVER  intended to be a “blog”. I know a thing or two about expressing my thoughts like a teenage girl. I understand weblogs also are very content organized, and that was the intention. A blog does not typically have 50 pages, 400 posts, that act as little pages and stuff like that and get 40k hits in five years and still be called something you see from LiveJournal, right?
  • WordPress had it’s time and place, I need to change to a new platform where I’ve laid a large foundation to use as web pages and some.
  • the domain will be part of clickford-dot-net again, but with the hopes that it can be a subdomain.
  • Whether its at home or offsite/cloud based is to be determined.
  • If there is a site, a blog may be used to update followers.

I hope you will enjoy the stuff to come this year. There is also “social-first” exclusives at the Facebook and the Instagram page.



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