POTD: TRYP Hotel, Midtown Manhattan

In today’s installment of phones other than Cisco seen in The Big Apple, this was where I and my companion stayed during the week of the NY NAB Show. Known as TRYP (probably an acronym for “trip” though my mother called it T.R.Y.P. for a while) is a hipster themed hotel on West 35th between Seventh and Eighth. An independent franchise to Wyndham, this hotel is in one little building. I think it’s like a motel in a low rise building. There are fifteen stories and you can see the flagship New Yorker from the top.

The hotel itself screams stereotypical Millenial audiences. On one of their several flat panels at the lobby features their Facebook fan page, their Trip Advisor reviews refreshed often. Also there is a “pound-TRYPSTERs” marketing, to much of my mother’s chagrin was off, as it’s called a hashtag. The most amusing thing was the old woman finally became a hipster by the end of the trip not only getting the name of the hotel phonetically correct, but used “hashtag” and then got some stuff at the local Urban Outfitters (way outside her age demo), a POTD to follow.

This phone felt like home. It’s a Mitel 5212 VOIP set, with one row of line and feature keys.



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