Personal Story (Why I have been off)

Before I start, I want to set the record straight, I have not been contact of this man since the forementioned incident. I have historically had bad experiences with men, because they are arrogant, cocky, lack sympathy and not understanding that language means everything. 

I do have contacts of contacts who can bridge me to this department in hopes for a peaceful trust with the public safety in the telephony sense. But right now with the current climate of men being abusers, I want to tell you my story of being abused by a man, a manly man, a man with authority, who was entitled to have all that respect, was lost by a fellow younger man who just wanted to fit in. And was defamed behind his back on a database that he feared would haunt him for life.  That person is me. 

I want to share to my followers, telephony friends, and alike why The Museum has been put to a screeching halt more than 2 years ago to the day.

This also ties to the reason I disabled access to the E-9-1-1 in New Hampshire posts recently.

A month ago to the day, I read in my local newspaper, that a new police chief in my town of Merrimack, New Hampshire (US) was appointed by the manager and town council. The previous chief of police was man named Mark E. Doyle, who left in May of this year to take control of the State of New Hampshire’s Bureau of Emergency Communications, at the Department of Safety. The same agency that oversees the lone PSAP in the only NPA code in my state. That same month I went to Warner and learned more about the system before I was against the management.

I have not discussed my autism as much on this site as it does not pertain to any disruption to the quality of the site.  There was no reason to till now. This story ties everything together.

The Museum of Telephony had a massive growth of new stuff in 2015 (and a bunch of hits and google searches!), but it went to a screeching halt in the summer of that year, first occurrence of a leave of absence. In April 2015, I had advocated as a citizen of his own community during lunch hour drive in my town to not advocate for locals to support Autism Speaks’ Light it Up Blue campaign. Simply put Autism Speaks does not support anyone who has autism, and only supports families nearly 4% annually while the two co-founders have lead a rage against this human race.

I shot video on a DSLR camera showing me as a hopeless autistic. Why was I hopeless? Because I was in a toxic environment with a day program that was more like adult day care and was severely manipulated by mismanagement and staff. The political target was against anyone who supported Autism Speaks, because if anyone is for Autism Speaks, that means they disapprove autism, they want my group dead, or be “cured” or be treated or punished like a child.

The Museum has a journalistic style towards writing. There is a line of what can be said and what shouldn’t be. And when you become threatening, that’s a line that should be crossed and punished. A documentary that has circulated on the Internet had mother who then became an executive who said on the record that she had thoughts of driving off the George Washington Bridge with the autistic daughter in the car, and while she says this to a producer, the girl is running within the frame of the shot. And for any East Coast brat know about the G.W.B. you can’t just drive off the damn throughfare.

This illogical anger is inhumane and barbaric.

On April 2nd of that year, Mr. Doyle came out of his civilian vehicle asking about what I was doing with the DSLR camera and asked if I needed anything. The social media part was within an hour later, his social media and town police’s social media accounts had supported LIUB, which such posts are a violation to my town’s very own social media policies.

I responded back to them via Twitter, and they blocked me immediately, after I posted the link from my YouTube channel, the SCTechChannel. (Since video on here I have embedded still has that title, and for the sake of honesty, I included the handle.)

A couple weeks later, I confronted the department head via email showing the dishonest behavior and wrote back a very careless statement of calling the records department because I wanted to know if he radioed something in about the encounter.

I contacted the Town Manager after disgust of his lack of response. For people outside the Eastern US, a town manager is a public sector CEO of the community. There are standards of how you SHOULD treat their citizens. She was clueless to dealing with people like me and “read his report of his interaction with you” that turned out to be a false police report. Lies and inaccuracies. She barked “Would you like a copy? This is my last email to you on this matter.” Wow, treat me like a child because I said I was autistic and felt threatened!  I then wanted to go public to the town council (the public sector board of directors)  and out this man publicly, since it was a concern to public safety to the most weak citizens.

(New Hampshire has significant number of developmentally disabled people and recent changes to state law requires people in services to be out in the community nearly 30 hours a week. More people at risk of being looked at by police officers that are not well trained.)

The Town Council defended the town manager, deflected responsibilities to the legal, and was defiant to not allow for me to speak. They didn’t want to deal with this because they didn’t understand that not all autistics are mute and dumb or manchild people.

I got a half answer by a very deflective and defiant man on the town council had the heartless behavior, who had the audacity to have the triple-D approach to their fellow citizen.

I have not been that involved in my community ever since. I never had any interaction with police before, and the police had to come to my house within the last year during a crisis in my life.

I do not have much faith with the Merrimack Police Department, there’s been allegations that off duty officers who play in town softball games dropping the “r” word or “retarded”. When I moved in 2010, the town did do an “Autism 9-1-1” event for the Supplemental ANI. When Mr. Doyle took control in 2011, the department allegedly discontinued it despite many people relocating to Greater Nashua since that same time. Any “family supports” have good rapport with Mr. Doyle. Family supports means anyone who knows someone in the family with a disability without the disabled person to be involved with advocacy. Talk about division!

Merrimack has allegedly half of the department trained to deal with anyone with any mental illness. I didn’t believe what I was told and disregarded. Mr. Doyle lacks attention to detail and lacks respect to others who are not like him.

I find this amusing because I have publicly on social media (that had nothing to do with telephony) discussed Mr. Doyle and the idea the State went forward and hired him was obscene. A man who had knowingly writes up things as if it’s strange and weird and also LIE on a POLICE REPORT LACKING DETAILS and not GETTING 90 DAYS IN THE SLAMMER? And this jackass of a man is operating our PSAP? What’s next? Take down a server for Supplemental ANI because I dunno we don’t need it because I don’t care about details, just big picture look at me so I can get face time on local media?

I haven’t even gotten into the legal assistance that I was denied because those MEN had lacked the understanding, the empathy and RESPECT. They talked to me like I was a child!

Justice is political and opinionated. Never deal with lawyers if you can’t afford one who will look out for you. The criminal justice system is also borderline dangerous as they treat everyone as a criminals. Merrimack touts they are the safest town in the country. Ever wonder why?

Just look at me. Look at my confidence. Look at how I was so stressful I got so depressed that I had stopped managing this site. Partially due to original idea of innocence that lead to a big doubt about how state and local government works. Especially in the criminal justice system. And now with my inexpierences with that, gawd only knows about the PSAPs.

Lastly, I have been somewhat fearful to come public here. It has nothing to to with AE Telephones or VOIP sets, or what have you. I was afraid of my reputation because of my personal politics. If Doyle as a chief was breaking laws, well I’ll break my own rules and show this. New Hampshire is becoming a threatening place for constant questioning, and write ups only because people like me are not “normal” and therefore if I do not conform it’s not the norm. Reading this headline back in late October just opened all wounds, and being in control the true first responders is actually a little bit more scarier given his background with me.

It’s not that I don’t hate cops, and I do not advocate that AT ALL. But when people in power (like a department head or chief of a police department) is abusing his authority only because he’s a man and you’re ordered to obey authority, that’s where I do not respect.

I’ve historically hated men because of their qualities of being arrogant jerks. Men who are real jerks are being exposed in completely different ways of late, and I felt I needed to discuss this on a completely different way showing how men of power can do a lot of harm to their fellow people of the same gender.



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