Thief! Call 8-9-1-1!!!

Humm, I’ve seen this image somewhere on the Interwebz…

… and it looks very familiar to a post in February…

a picture of addon modules for the AT&T Merlin 820 control unit

yeah… can I say “thief”???

I gave this guy a chance before I called him/her/it out!

Even worse Instagram at-phonewire raves about the future like Asterisk and how this took the proprietary standards and phones off the market. The funny thing while Asterisk was invented in 1999, it didn’t take off till a decade later. And the dude attacks me for being bitter about the monopoly of the Bell System. Well I never said it was perfect, but I mean at least they knew what quality is. And IT guys are so politically correct they – like this dude wants to -RW to the history to replace it with crappy solutions!

Jesus! I do NOT rip off other’s photos without ether consenting or citing. I’m open and honest about uploading others work if that is the case, and I expect the same. It’s called “common courtesy” if you are an IT guy that doesn’t understand empathy or sympathy to others!

Excuse me while I -RW my history of adding “bugs” to all my photos on Photoshop as I am moving towards a new site scheduled in the coming months. Till then, don’t copy that JPEG!



3 comments on “Thief! Call 8-9-1-1!!!

  1. Always been a fan of your site, but aren’t you just as guilty by using AT&T’s image without their written permission to use their image on your website?

    • I typically do not allow anons without any verifiable identity to come here and comment. TBH I don’t know who technically owns the image, possibly Avaya and they don’t care about the Classic Merlin. Put it this way, if someone took the same picture, of the same object, in the specific matter, how can that be original? It’s called laziness and lack of individuality. For that, any image that I didn’t create or own I’ve clearly stated.

      I’ve built my site over the years to have ORIGINAL content. The competition has been rip-and-pasted. I do not tolerate phonies (no pun). I’ve always stride to be honest and true with the stuff I post. If the guy just would’ve tagged the Instagram account, there wouldn’t been a problem. But that simple COMMON COURTESY I repeat was not respected at all.

      And not only that they were trashing any pre Asterisk systems or VOIP for that matter. That to me was hate speech to the linemen population. Therefore the image has been removed per to a request to Instagram on claims of hate speech.

      I can’t spend too much time with a anon, but felt that I needed to defend my statements.


    • Also another thing: the image that was ripped on the person’s instagram account was for a for-profit purpose. Copyrighted content that I post is not intended to make money. This is not a for-profit site.

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