Site Update, part three

I’m back. (Sorta.)

There was a legal threat against this site about a month ago. I couldn’t take chances and I shut it down.

It’s not to say it could occur again.

I’ve also battled with a slew of personal issues going as far back as the beginnings of this site.

There will be changes in the coming months. There will be new stuff coming up in the interim. I will not go into details publicly, but I’ll say the site may be stronger than ever.

As of right now, the site is set to be intended to be an “archive” while ALL social media platforms have ceased operations.

We are focusing on a broader audience with a broader subjects on the history of the voice over medium and not just office phones and switching equipment. The nerdy stuff will live on it’s own pages as time goes on.

Please stay tuned stay abreast with the latest information in regards to future directions to the site.



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