The Death of the Office Telephone? (Revisited)

It was over two years ago I posted something regurgitated from Avaya of “cord cutting” office telephones. I feel the office telephone has been murdered by “technologists”, i.e. people who live at universities or corporations who don’t even work in a real office, lecturing about the future. They are often dumb when it comes to the common sense things – you know the “end users” perspective.

To this day I still defend the office telephone. And all the features that you can find on the major vendors offerings. “Hosted VOIP” or “Cloud PBX” systems are just IP Centrex with a more h—-ier branding. Buzz/priority calling, call appearances more than 6, IP phones that can support nearly 60 buttons on one set without the need of external BLF modules. It’s ridiculous that Polycom or Cisco can sell a customer a $400 telephone can handle 6 lines or monitor up to 6 telephones, and no page down or up features, while an Avaya Red or Blue set can have up to 12 to 24 lines, feature statuses, or what for the same price.

IT guys are lazy. They call you the “end user” lazy for not learning to upgrade to newer operating systems and reteach yourself a completely new graphical environment that you had to the very same thing 6 years before. But these white collared crooks are too lazy to learn new features such as telephony and voice over technology. No that’s not their thing. All they care about is the plumbing like making sure the transmission is being streamed properly and if there is jitter or buffer, DEAL WITH IT! 

‘IT guys are kissing up to become the next CIO so they are making profits for a company by cutting costs of anything that might drag down their quarterly financials. If they cut telecom managers (who know what the hell they are doing to avoid those annoying jitters and making those Cisco phones show more things other than line appearances) – they’ll get rewarded. Even better: if they pay Operating Expenses to get their lovely and crappy Cisco VOIP system they’ll get rewarded and then they don’t care if the thing works post cutover.

Offices are sadly disappearing, and while IBM is trying to weed out the teleworkers who are allegedly abusing the system, other companies have shamed IBM. This platform, WordPress has no offices whatsoever, and apparently collaboration can be done without any physical location and any ethical and compliant behavior can be done with furniture from Ikea and look like some bedroom office where they are supposedly doing “adult” work.

I also find it HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL to go to my local Starbucks and see people not get a lot of stuff and use their WiFi to do VOIP like chat. I thought coffee houses were to have face to face conversations. Not the one in the town I live in.

If I sound like a grumpy old 30 year old, I am. I was forced to grow up very young. While most of my millenial peers were partying like there was a tomorrow, I went on the offense and acted like an adult. At the same time I’ve witnessed corporate corruption (Enron, Worldcom through the press) and very intimate runins witnessing public sector corruption or shenanigans. Bad behaviors can occur anywhere. But having a homely like setup using bureaus as desks, notebooks with it not being tethered and being completely mobile and discussing matters that should “have a room!” mindset is the reason why I hate mobility.

So back to the topic in hand what about the office telephone? Well I find that millenials who insist on using their mobile phones these things a) how can you do your work on that little device if it can’t hold a charge all day? b) cell networks is not running water. Too many people are on the same cell tower, it’s going to draw the bars down. c) Do you really think upgrades can occur with a cheaper plan? Why are you complaining about the 2 year contract that will improve your data quality? Do you even know the cell industry? And worse d) What happens in an emergency where there is no service and you try to call emergency services?

All I hear is crickets.

Millenials just want to sit down on a thearpy ball and do nothing and have unprofessional relationships with their co workers like they they are their besties. They’ll pull wire frauds and other corruptive behaviors and not have any fear. Only because there is no central gathering place for civility, “industry standards” for office communications and the quality of “mobility” is quite dangerous if corporations are dumping office telephones for cheaper SIP, and cloud providers that don’t give a damn about the century and a half old technology that “worked” till the IT hucksters broke it because they felt it was broken…

We are living in uncertain times. Sorry if I don’t speak to the group-think mentality of corrupt, unethical and fraudulent industry known as  Information Technology.


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