Nerdtel A-holes

Dude, can I call the cops on you for your verbal harassment towards me??? I feel like a girl being beaten by her bf!!!

The admin behind Joe The UCX Guy is another guy that is not Joe.

For the last several months, to protect the brand of the site, I asked him in his private email to remove the link. However the admin lives all away west in Washington State. It was on his part he didn’t remove link. At some point in 2014 or 15 Joe had requested to add it but it took a long time. Sadly he got the name of the site wrong.

Well after working with the social media manager dealing with Justin was like dealing with a 10 year old immature child. I am only posting this thread because like Joe, Justin is the prime example of a stereotypical Meridian 1 Admin who talks to the “end users” like dogs and uses TLAs to further abuse him.

(He needs to check out the Information Services Code of Ethics Facebook page…)


The manager began by contacting Joe:


Basically he attacked the staff and me for the legitimacy of the Top Level Domain and because I don’t want stalkers (since men can be domestic violence victims too, and those goddamned “doxxing” sites) I have to spoof my address. And for real – you can’t get my fucking name straight? Jeezzumm! He also attacked my “generic” email of which if he did some more research it’s out of Zoho…this man must be very abusive. I’d probably have to use the Crisis-Alert function on an often basis if I had to work with him in a Avaya Red office because I’d call the cops so often…

The bottom reply was my defense going through the process to my social media manager…he didn’t believe it! I didn’t need to get my fingers dirty with this misogynist of a man named Justin from


Hi Steven,
Not being uncooperative in any way. Just ensuring that all t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted. For security reasons and best practices, I’m not going to just accept an email from a generic mailbox from a domain not associated with the original request – furthermore one protected from WHOIS which doesn’t return any information.
My original request was for Brianna to authenticate herself as associated to you or (preferred) to have you send an email – a request any person who is familiar with the Internet, security and best practices would require.


 What the fuck is just asking to get a fucking link removed require IT type of authentication? Do you treat computers like people?

Ignorance is not an excuse. was plastered over the Museum as a holdover URL till I was moving on with my life. Even “biz-at” is a registered PayPal account where I take the donations. Jeezum this guy must’ve never visited the site till the request. Funny thing was around this same time somebody was looking at the “fictional resume” on a number of occasions on the new redirect. He must’ve been creeped out by me, but his words were more disturbing.

In short:

  • Nerdtel people tend to be rude and disrespectful
  • They talk nerd stuff in “professional” email
  • Justin was obscenely rigid
  • He was difficult to deal with
  • Now I know why Joe was so defensive in email of not being a “Nerdtel” type. Because the other half of his site is an apparent Nerdtel type.

Thought I’d share this stuff to keep people on the heads up of abuse in the IT or IS industry!


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