Guest Post, Unhappy with Avaya

From a follower of mine…

Ok, that’s it Avaya, you’ve pissed me off good this time!  I wouldn’t say I’m Avaya’s number one fanboy, but I’m certainly an ardent supporter.  Working on One-X Agent today, however, is seriously making me reconsider that position.


Backround:  We run Avaya CM 5.2.1.  We’re trying to make soft phones work in VDI to support a remote call center. VDI is a juiced up Remote Desktop environment. Installed One-X 2.5.10 and it brought the VDI server to it’s knees… Why you ask? Because there’s a programming bug in the One-X Chrome Click to Dial extension.  It likes to spawn processes and never kill them.  See a lovely screenshot, and might I add there were 20 PAGES of this, from my one user.


Yikes, no wonder the server crashed. Ok, I can accept that, Avaya released One-X 2.5.10 with a buggy Chrome extension. So I reinstalled, and this is where the game turned quickly sour!  (Oh, and while we’re on the topic, WTF is up with the version numbers?  Since when does 2.5.10 = 2.5.60037 for One-X agent, and yet One-X communicator is in the 6.X version line.. I digress!)


Ok, stepping through the install, making SURE that Chrome Click to Dial is NOT selected.. Check!

Finish the install.  Fire up Chrome, go to the extensions page:

Huh?? I’m quite sure I didn’t install that.  And as you can see, it’s not removeable by the end user.. Sigh.. Ok, so I’ll dig in registry and see where it is.

:\\\C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\Avaya one-X Agent\ClickToDial\Chrome\crx_update_manifest.xml

file:\\\C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\Avaya one-X Agent\ClickToDial\Chrome\*

Ok, so it installed it.  Fine.. I’ll remove the registry entries, and delete the folder on the filesystem, and it should leave Chrome alone.  This is where Avaya’s performance on this issue is beyond the pale!  The next time I fired up One-X, (bearing in mind I installed NO click-to-dial extensions) it ran a mini-repair on the software, and put them back.  Both the registry entries and filesystem elements.


At this point, I’m not sure exactly what to do… I’m slightly pissed that Avaya released a buggy extension.  I’m REALLY pissed that I can’t prevent it’s installation, and that it comes back like a bad weed. Frankly, Avaya, it’s junk like this that make people want to go elsewhere.   As it is, I’ll have to use an older version of the software, and if we call for support, you know the first thing the overseas tech will say is… Upgrade to 2.5.10.. Thanks, but no thanks Avaya…  Oh, and did I mention we have to pay EXTRA for IP softphone agents, on top of what we already pay to have those same agents on hard phones?

</end rant>



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