Branding Guidelines

The Museum of Telephony has received a lot of traffic in the last two years. However to ensure that the site has a 99.999% accuracy on facts, you can as well with appropriate policies for external Uniform Resource Locator or  URL, such as hyperlinks, etc.

If you are going to cite the site as a source, please use The Museum of Telephony plus it’s current WordPress URL, original post date is optional.

If you are going to use this as a link on a blog, etc., shoot me an email. Also if you are going to include The Museum in a list of links, please do not refer this to a “weblog” or a “blog”. With hundreds of posts that act as mini pages, fifty static pages, and millions of words I suspect, I think this is well beyond a picture blog.

If you do link the site, please be aware that The Museum can see referral traffic and if we feel your site is not appropriate for linking to our content, we will find a way to contact you.

In short, if you miss the ol days of the Bell System, a fanboy of old Avaya systems, manhole covers, vintage mobile phones and telephone booths, and you post similar and accurate information, then you’re the perfect candidate to link my site to yours.

Feeling graphical? Here is the current Spring 2017 badges you can put onto your site.

This blog is syndicated via using Really Simple Syndication. RSS is based on a Extensible Markup Language – similar to coding web pages.  If you want to syndicate, again just cite the title and the site’s WordPress URL.



By the way: I own all the copyrights except where explicitly noted. I have no problem for people downloading pictures for personal or non commercial use, however if the pictures are used in other mediums without my explicit consent, expect a contact by me or my social media management. Furthermore, if the pictures video and other descriptions are used to denigrate me or my site, legal action such as defamation could be used. All you have to do is just ask before snatching and reusing.



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