Site Notice: is no longer part of The Museum

I feel its in order to remind followers that if you had accessed The Museum via the clickford-dot-net domain URL from late 2015 to February 1st 2017, it is no longer directing you here. The personal domain is also used for other businesses and content, that has nothing to do with telephony directly. I also am a content producer, some content may not be suitable for the followers.

As a result, you’re welcome to visit my other site, just you get easily offended, then don’t. Second, anything related to the Museum you’d like to respond in comments, or email, please do it here. There is a Contact page (I guess people take things too literally and didn’t understand the concept of Dial Zero the old page name.)

Sometimes videos embedded here comes from The Clickford Zone (you’ll see a bug to the lower right of the clips) and The Museum has a Shared Services Agreement or SSA with The Clickford Zone which means I can promote The Museum on my other online portal.

However, I am posting this because there seems to be a reoccurring trend, I won’t disclose who, but this happened over several times in the last couple of months.

Please keep the love here, the more direct interactions, the more the community grows.



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