Phone of the Day: ROLM phone at the Local Bob’s Stores

a picture of a ROLM telephone on a post at a local Bob's Stores in Nashua, New Hampshire

This was taken at a local Bob’s Stores when the day after the New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl. (Roger That! Heh, heh, heh.) For this chain, ROLM is alive and well, to use the cliche. Because ROLM predates the Internet and modern day documentation, I have no idea what type of PBX or KSU it lives on. The set themselves is the 1990s generation, before they became German looking (possibly mid 1990s.) When ROLM was fully sold to Siemens, a few years later, they stopped selling their systems to America and incorporated ROLM features and their modernest designs. I’m not the expert in ROLM so forgive me.


2 comments on “Phone of the Day: ROLM phone at the Local Bob’s Stores

  1. This is most likely on a Rolm 9200 System, given the fact that these are the newer style Rolm phones.

    The 9200 was essentially a Siemens system with a Rolm logo on it. From what I understand, it was very different than the tried and true 9751.

    • I don’t know Bob’s internals, but they are a like Marshall’s or a TJMaxx store, but really situated in the 6 New England states. Footprint is probably a little larger than the former two like 20k+ sq ft.

      I don’t know about the 9200 but I would suspect it’s KSU.

      Though I don’t doubt the Siemens reference. they have multi lines at the front desk (the 20 button one) and it looks like a generic early 1990s office phone. You could mistake it for a Mitel a Vodadi, etc. Visually it was a departure from what you’d expect ROLM to typically design.

      I’m actually looking at your email you sent to me. I’ll respond soon

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