The Big Three Zero Wish List


This is a fraction of the wish list as I turn three-zero in the coming weeks. Excuse me while I puke my guts out as I feel like I’ve hit the wall into old age territory. (Some days I wonder if my body is really freaking out at hitting fifty in physical sense.)

  • Avaya 302A or B Attendant Console. this is the bad boy that would complete my Definity experience.  This serves for operators to take or place calls and monitor the general health of trunks and lines (Thanks J!)
  • PUSH BUTTON Telephones! CallDirector, 10 line, 20 line etc. Just one of ether, please!
  • ComKey – the first electronic telephone system in  small setups by Ma Bell. A Master (the one with the big backend) would be needed if I wanted slaves to run off. One of each would be nice.
  • Merlin Telephones. Any of the original 5 button, 10 button, BIS, etc.
  • The Western Electric 302 metal telephone (not to be confused with the operator console)
  • Who would not want to own a Snoopy and Woodstock AT&T telephone from the 1970s? Or a Mickey Mouse telephone!
  • The Fisher Price Telephone. Awww, does it dial back to your childhood? 😛 For the stupidest reason, I junked mine and same with my mother!
  • Always a sucker for a DEC VT-300 series terminals, most notably the VT-320. I could take a VT-220 terminal, that was cute looking
  • Alphastation computer workstation based on the Alpha CPU. Would love to run VMS for the hell of owning one! (I did get an AlphaServer from a local computer store, but still trying to figure out the complex operating system)
  • Switchboard. Not kidding, those old fashioned switchboards, more of breadbox for the hell of making calls in the house!
  • A couple of “Insulators”

Wishlists have been updated on the Amazon and Etsy pages (Don’t pay too much!)


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