Ugliest Operator Consoles, part nine

I’m the last guy to critique the look and feel of operator consoles. I’m not the guy who says “lookie… at this sleek and modern design of a set that doesn’t do anything significant” crap

This set (again found off an eBay listing) is an operator console for ROLM based PBX systems. Despite the last patch of their flagship 9100 systems probably of two decades; some sets are still in use.

s-l1600-28 s-l1600-30 s-l1600-27

The set seems to support at least ten call appearances with the loop buttons to the left. I guess these “loops” were an equivalent to the call appearance, despite ROLM and other PBX vendors could give users at least one or more multi appearances.  Many could handle only three to four; and up to ten (believe it or not) on Avaya G3 systems. Funny thing, in later versions in the Communication Manager, this ten call appearance limit on any set preceding the 6400s was lifted (can confirm that)

Now this design is rather interesting, the key call functions are located around the dialpad, and other features are on the right.

I do not know for sure if ROLM ever made BLFs or Hundreds Group Selectors or something along those lines.

While it used the ol switchboard jack, it’s connection to the PBX is a standard RJ45 connector, not those silly 25 pair connectors. If the thing is digital, and the conversation is really done at the PBX per to the definition of TDM telephony, then why the hell are many of these “digital” consoles needed more pinouts to make it work?



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