Pledge Drive!

Just like a PBS station, we are interrupting regularly scheduled postings for a pledge drive.

The Museum of Telephony over the last year has finally made its mark on the Web. I, the lone man bandmember has worked his butt off over the last couple of years to make this site be the one of the most authoritative portals on vintage and modern telephony from central offices to key switches; from ISDN telephones to Model 300s. Also profiling prominent voice over talent on voice mail systems, and publishing technical journal articles taken from the local state library where I suspect the Unix or Blue Boxes topic had more DNA from strangers.

In short, the underdog subject has won!

However there is a roadmap to move The Museum to even a higher level.

I’d like to raise at least $200 in the coming months. This isn’t simple spending money. $200 will fund

  • $30 of domain renewal of It was recently renewed for another couple of years. I originally bought this domain to be the master of my own world. This is my online penname, not my legal surname. I tried to do an IT services company last year, and the DNS was supposed to be work purposes, but this simple 9-character domain is easy to advertise the museum
  • $150 at least estimated for internet services. I am shopping around to upgrade the residential internet to have business class Internet. Currently my Xfinity does not allow static IP addressing, nor is it intended to be a host. Comcast will allow residential customers business class if they see if a home run business is being used. Comcast has seen it and has given my address deals. At some point I’d like to have my family negotiate a deal to get Business Class internet. Internet is allegedly an open line, so if I get a say 10/5 (uplink/downlink) or 20/5, media won’t get buffered or filtered or prioritized. My DOCSIS 2 modem from October of 2010 still is working fine and I am pretty happy with the speeds, so I’m not going to gyp the followers for internet speeds that is unnecessary
  • If you couldn’t tell from both the DNS and Xfinity upgrade, I also want to host The Museum at home. My home’s WAN and power is at five-nine reliability. I know there is Comcast haters out on the Interwebz, but getting online has not been a problem. (Notice how I took out the LAN part because LAN  management by me can cause these things to fall apart easily because I am not the brightest dude in IP networking.) I plan to have a dedicated ProLiant for just services that will deal with anything on the Net since the “whole world will be entirely open” and I will make sure any port will be closed at the firewall. Another reason to host at home is so I can have the full control of WordPress.
  • I also want to try to experiment VOIP on a WAN level. Another plan to the frequent followers was to provide an internal social network that is similar making a telephone ring. Don’t get too crazy with the phone service, I won’t allow you to dial out or expect to have 911 service!

Donations can be taken after November 15th. Right now, I am going to be moving my PayPal email to another account, and I want to ensure the funds go to the right place. If you could spare a few pennies till then, that would be super!

Just to let you know, I don’t ask much from the followers, or you that often, or ask for things of such significance. Let me assure you every penny will be used for the greater good to educate the public about an underrated subject.

This page will change when there is a need to. I’ve not done something like this, so please forgive me if thoughts aren’t as clear or what.


3 comments on “Pledge Drive!

  1. What a great site, I may be able to fill in some of the blanks on your equipment. Let me get a box together with some stuff that you might want. It’s all Avaya, and we just turned of a CS1K the other night.

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