Phone of the Day: Avaya 9608 IP Terminal – Fenway Park


I noticed this fine Avaya IP telset yesterday when I went to the historic ball park on the East Coast for the first time to see a Boston Red Sox game. I’ve been to the part a few times before for non Sox events. When I toured the place in 2005, I’ve noticed 6408s in the press box.

The story to their Avaya solution goes back to the days of the 2004 season and the season’s ending World Series especially during the infamous down by 3 games in the American League championships to win the Pennet at the end . I have the marketing material from Avaya at the time, but because my life is busy at the moment, I can’t go digging and Command c and v at this moment. But before the cutover, they had Mitels in the call center (tickets) and Nortel Centrex for the front office and the team used long distance calling cards to places calls to Fenway during away games! The problem was the Sox was hot especially loosing to the Yankees in the championship rounds the year before. The call center was growing with fans with an outdated system. Anyways, with a hybrid cutover, they were able to use softphones and VPN to make calls. (I won’t speculate on what system, but it was said in Avaya’s published PDF.)

However, I was a bit troubled to see this ad appear behind home plate from where I sat…


I loathe ShoreTel. They have an invasive salesforce because everytime you go to, the ad beacons get wind then you get badgered with their very hardware centric system, with their “Pure” IPT or UC solutions, because using any other mindset from the old days is again politically unfashionable.

Hardware centric means many half rack wide gateways, IP telsets that are way too bulky, they seemed to rip off Nortel, and have been cutover from traditional PBX-class systems with childish Key system like functionality at the desktop. I’ve always hated phones with too many hard feature buttons – that’s why you can PROGRAM them!

The reason why I am posting this if the rink, field or stadium uses ShoreTel, they get ad placement. Please tell me that this isn’t true!  Not only that every flippin ball team or hockey (in some markets) have accepted the rape from Cisco. Go choke on your steak Cisco saleforces!


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