Rants: Governor Paul LePage’s Stupidity in Unified Messaging

I live next to Maine. I love the state so much I wished the whole state could be flooded into the Atlantic.

I’m not kidding.

I’d say 90% of the 1.5 million residents (roughly) collectively have an IQ at freezing temperature.

If that’s statement worth backing up, let me share you a link to the Governor, Paul LePage that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

This dummy Republican governor left an OBSCENE message to a Democrat lawmaker in that state. He acts respectful in the beginning, but by his sixth word, he uses a vulgar word. Don’t get me started with compliance violations and human resource complaints and possible lawsuits for this kind of disrespect.

LePage even had the audacity to give the lawmaker permission to “record” the voicemail. Excuse me? Today in 2016, there is this nice little innovation called “Unified Messaging” that your voicemails can be sent via email by your Modular Messaging (something that dates far back in the early days of AUDIX), that the state government has used for many, MANY years, (since it’s a sister state to Massachusetts you know!)

But I bet LePage’s NT credentials are often barred because if he swears and uses vulgarity in traceable voicemails in default .WAVE formats, who knows what he sends on his Outlook.

If this was a Democrat, I’d probably say the same thing. A WikiLeaks drop of emails from Mrs. Anthony Weiner having to explain to Hillary Clinton how to pick up a telephone handset and couldn’t understand the concept of a handsfree call/speakerphone.

What hurts me is the level of discourse in society. It’s one thing to name call, or wish a state flooded by the ocean, but when you use vulgarities, or wishing one dead or actually going forward to put other’s lives in danger, that’s crossing a line. So many people on both sides are doing it.

My only beef was the actual voicemail and the concent to “record” despie it already being recorded electronically assuming the State of Maine is using the latest and greatest Avaya solutions (confirmed in marketing materials using the 1600 IP sets as of a few years ago.)

NSFW link


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