Phones @ Work – Unnamed Non Profit in NH


This Allworx IP telephone is spotted at a non profit agency in Southern NH. Due to possible HIPAA regs, I won’t disclose the agency as took these pictures without their knowledge.

This system replaced a Norstar install (or possibly a BCM, but I think it was a TDM) with tons of newer 7216 sets throughout the building. The receptionist used to have an older 7324 set with a couple KEMs but that has been replaced with a PC based operator console. I know a special needs day program also uses this system, but they wired without POE so if the power goes out, there is no failover and the system is dead until power restores. This pictured set is using POE entirely.

Granted some fanboys like the one who likes the UCX systems, would say they wouldn’t have to throw things away and just replace the control unit; but I’ve wondered if this had to do with the service provider, Paetec – which could possibly be their provider. I’ve noticed Paetec peddling Allworx systems, such as including  these systems in their offerings. They may also be using VOIP for trunking, which would even the more reason to upgrade to VOIP. (Not saying that’s right, it is what it is.)

I’ve been told some people like the sets because of it’s features preset and its uniform across all the users. The phones have resemblance to the ESI systems.

The funny thing is I’ve heard more paging in the building since the cutover, which I find funny because the Norstar could page, and things seem to go down more often, like their email system. I guess things like that would happen when you jack up about 200 more IP addresses than prior…

*insert snarky IT stereotype here*


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