IP Phones – Mitel 5224 IP Phone

picture of a Mitel IP 5224


I’ve become a refugee from Avaya since the beginning of this year. I used to live and pray among their equipment, but since Avaya has gone out of touch with their user base; I decided maybe its time to really move on.

Mitel (pronounced my-tel) has made some nice IP equipment in recent years. Back about a decade ago they made some wacky designs – on their IP phones, but of the last few years they are pretty decent looking. This Mitel 5224 set has 24 buttons; 4 line appearances (similar to the 3 rollover lines that Avaya refers to call appearances) however once you go over 4, then expect to hear busy signals; and the rest can be used for speed dial and depending on the setup you could use BLF. I do not have a proprietary Mitel PBX, so I am using the SIP firmware.

The set is well designed, the handset is wideband, and the rubber on the handset is great for a built in shoulder rest. The LED on the top serves as the message waiting and the LED blinking pattern goes in sync to its 24 ring tones, really cool. One of the quirks (actually not Mitel specific) the volume key actually doesn’t change the ring volume, you have to go into menus like a cell phone to change it, as it only changes the contrast when idle. Another problem, again not just Mitel is the requirement to press the dial softkey to initiate a call. This is one of the major setbacks of using SIP, it works somewhat like a phone, but there are these kinds of setbacks.

I do love the LED backlit display, which makes it friendly in dark areas or get your attention if a you missed a call.


2 comments on “IP Phones – Mitel 5224 IP Phone

  1. Moderator corrected the vendors spelling to mix capitals to look more business friendly.

    Mitel Customer here. Small correction…the volume key actually will change the ring volume of the phone when it’s ringing. I prefer the Avaya and Toshiba sets that let you make that change when the set is idle without going thru a bunch of menus. Overall Mitel is a good system….this is coming from a former Avaya, Nortel, Siemens guy.

    • Since this original post in 2014, I can confirm that claim because this Mitel is now a MiNet terminal on an CX3300. Mitel is good, but Avaya is best.

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