AT&T SPIRIT KSU Commercial, circa 1988

I have very limited knowledge of the Spirit system. This system was made  by AT&T in the late 1980s (1987 at the earliest.) I have seen many of these back in the early 2000s and rarely anywhere today. This system was pretty simple, maybe that was their selling point. The phones had no display and supported a couple dozen trunks and 48 terminals. I believe it also didn’t have a native auto attendant or even voice messaging. The phones looked like a step up from phones you would have for the home, but wasn’t in the same level of the Merlin type systems.

Anyways, this YouTube video shows a commercial for the SPIRIT system which explains it simplicity in a dark and deep way.

There is a cousin of ISDN telephone AT&T made and marketed, the 6500 series has resemblance to the SPIRIT phones; could still be seen in some universities or any large Centrex installments.


2 comments on “AT&T SPIRIT KSU Commercial, circa 1988

  1. Hello! Just wanted to let you know that our office still uses this phone system. No idea why!!! My boss will buy refurbished ones when the stop working……..I do not understand why we still use them. Are there not other systems? Better? Most cost effective? Are these just indestructible little blocks that will go on forever???

    • Hi Jill!

      There are better systems, then and now. I never understood AT&T’s rationale for the Spirit, like I have explained in my posts. The many problems is it doesn’t have a display so you can’t tell whose calling you internally, and even better externally with no Caller ID support at all!

      I’m surprised if no one had given your boss an offer to go to VOIP and use the cloud. If anything you’ll gain more in your situation given how simple functioning the Spirit is (wished I could say “was”)…

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