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Goal is to raise nearly $200 (US) or so to start the ball rolling of getting off the grid. With recent changes to, and any other unexpected changes by trusting the cloud, a change to the home’s network infrastructure is in order! More by clicking here.

SITE UPDATE: Closed until Further Notice


I’m Brianna, the social media manager behind Steven’s social media portals. I’m here to inform the readers that he has been under high stress over the last several months and was unfit to be publishing things for this website. He is currently unfit right now to be adding new stuff. He asked me to post this update. I am not at liberty to discuss when he will return.

We appreciate your patience during his struggles in life.

Video: Ericsson Computer/Telephone Terminal

This is the the best tech ad! And the Sound FX is pure gold 😍 Ericsson ad. 1985🇸🇪

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This is pretty rad for the 1980s. Just you need to have a supporting PBX or ESS service. The comments on the Instagram post from at-neontalk was amusing if you do not know what a “terminal” is…

The first digital like carphone can be seen near the end of the byte.

Glad to be a phone dude!

The Death of the Office Telephone? (Revisited)

It was over two years ago I posted something regurgitated from Avaya of “cord cutting” office telephones. I feel the office telephone has been murdered by “technologists”, i.e. people who live at universities or corporations who don’t even work in a real office, lecturing about the future. They are often dumb when it comes to the common sense things – you know the “end users” perspective.

To this day I still defend the office telephone. And all the features that you can find on the major vendors offerings. “Hosted VOIP” or “Cloud PBX” systems are just IP Centrex with a more h—-ier branding. Buzz/priority calling, call appearances more than 6, IP phones that can support nearly 60 buttons on one set without the need of external BLF modules. It’s ridiculous that Polycom or Cisco can sell a customer a $400 telephone can handle 6 lines or monitor up to 6 telephones, and no page down or up features, while an Avaya Red or Blue set can have up to 12 to 24 lines, feature statuses, or what for the same price.

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9-1-1 Awareness, part four

More on the last series on Enhanced 9-1-1 in the State of New Hampshire.

I mentioned Supplemental ALI being so exclusive, that if you were to Google it, the State’s Department of Safety’s page on this subject is on the first page of results. This special service is stored in a state database and when the number gets triggered into the state’s CTI system, this is how the special needs data appears.

This feature also can be used locally as I stated some states mandate in house Supplemental ALI provided by the customer if they have a MLTS. Be warned, if you make changes, you have to update your database. Cubicle numbers, conference rooms can appear, depending on the setup.

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As teased for a while, The Museum of Telephony is floating a trial balloon for merchandise for extra revenue to keep the site fresh.

I used to have an Etsy store, but closed it as they have put a burden against sell-side users. See how long they last.

At some point, I’ll do some PayPal plugins so you can order right from the site!

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